A Day in the Life of a Portal Turret

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I loved Portal and I would say it’s probably my Game Of The Year for 2007. This should be on your required-playing lists so if you haven’t played it yet, make sure you take the time out of your Halo 3 marathons, (or box socials or whatever it is you young whippersnappers are up to nowadays), and get it.

Portal is an innovative breath of fresh air and has an end boss with more charisma and character than any I’ve ever seen before. Take my advice and get it from Steam, Valve’s on-demand download service since then you’ll not have to splurge on the entire Orange Box and it’ll only cost you about $11. That’s about £5.65! When’s the last time you got a game for a fiver?

OK. A GOOD game?

Tell me your best Portal moves in the comments. ;)


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  1. Haha, that was brilliant! :D
    “O M G, chess is for nerds”.

  2. I LOVE PORTAL!!! :D

  3. lol that video was great! Portal is one of the best games (if not the best) of 2007!

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