Amazing Halo 3 Splatter Kill

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The Best Halo 3 Kill Ever!?

For those of you that play Halo 3, you will know of it’s great feature of being able to record and playback game data from a number of previous matches. These can be saved and then shared with your friends (or enemies?).

Today I came across a video which has to be one of the best kills in Halo 3 ever! Sure, it’s mostly down to pure luck/chance, but it is one of the greatest kills I have seen so far.

Amazing Halo 3 Splatter Kill



7 Responses to “Amazing Halo 3 Splatter Kill”

  1. OK I’ll admit that was cool.

    Especially how it landed on the guy that threw the grenade in the first place.

  2. lol, it was an excellent twist of fate eh? :)

  3. Halolz

  4. Hehe how lovely!

    There are some great halo 3 vids out there, the halo game engine seems to rock for cool physics kills!

    Or maybe its just because with the inbuilt video people are recording these things more often.

  5. Sometimes when you play a game you can get an amazing kill. I think it’s great that you can go back to it and watch it over and over again.

    The playback feature is brilliant. Obviously these kills dont happen too often, but it millions of players playing billions of matches, theres bound to be the odd amazing kill :)

  6. That was good, I must admit.

  7. Halo3′s kill count is at 3.5 billion and counting… I take pride in contributing 5800 of those…

    But hell yeah that was cool, tis so ironic…

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