Animal Crossing: A Touching Story

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A touching story about a Gamecube/DS game? Yes, I know it sounds like madness but this really is something I felt worth posting.

A touching story about animal crossing

A sad story about the animal crossing game

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About two years ago, I bought the game Animal Crossing. It was fun for awhile, me and my brother played it for about a month, then got tired of it.

I’m always trying to convert my parents to videogames, however, and thought that Animal Crossing would be simple enough for them to get into. I let my mom set up a house, and she soon got into the game in a big way. (As a kid, she had polio, and now she had multiple sclerosis. She was largely homebound, except for the once our twice when she’d either leave to go shopping or to church.)

Spending all day at home in a wheel chair bored her, so the relief Animal Crossing provided her was kind of amazing. She’d spend so much time playing it, that it became something of an obsession. She played it so much that she was constantly getting kidded by the family.

She payed off her house in the game, she collected all the fossils, etc. Whenever I saw her playing, I thought that the game must have long since stopped being interesting to her, yet she kept playing- even after me and my brother had long since stopped.

Her condition got progressively worse, and she eventually stopped playing. About a year ago, she passed away.

I had forgotten about Animal Crossing, I hadn’t played it in over a year and a half. Today, however, I decided to visit the village again and see what was up. Weeds had grown everywhere, the villagers wondered where my mom and I had gone.

Then I came to my mailbox, it was full of letters with presents- all from my mom. Every letter was pretty much the same. “Thinking of you. Thought you’d like this present. Love, Mom” Even though I’d stopped playing, she continued to send me presents. I look back now at how I made fun of her for playing even after she’d done everything, and I realize now that she was probably spending her time getting presents for me.

Anyway, I know it’s probably cheesy, but I was just amazed at how much this affected me and I thought I’d share. Show your parents as much love as you can, while you still can guys.


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  1. It’s cite, but overused. And the message at the end kind of ruins it :(

  2. Sorry, what do you mean by “It’s cite, but overused”? I don’t understand.

    + The message at the end ruins it? Don’t you have a heart/soul!? :P

  3. I meant cute*
    “Show your parents as much love as you can, while you still can guys.” probably indicates that it was made by a 45 year old dad who lost his kids years ago.

    I don’t have a soul, but I believe my life depends on a physical heart.

  4. I still don’t know what’s meant by “It’s cute, but overused.” What’s overused?

    And all of the text was written by a kid! It’s a true story.

  5. Welcome Adam, Saladin is a strange boy. lol.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this article/story. I’m also glad someone appreciated me posting it :)

  6. Me and my friend talked about this all the time we love this story >~<

  7. man this makes me cry like baby every time i read it, its really a great story of mother’s love. it reminds me how i take everything in my life for granted and how even thought life is hard and complicated, your mom always is there for you, even in death she is there. god im still blubbering, if anything it reminds me of how much i adore my mom and can’t even comprehend a day she passes….(still blubbering) call me a crybaby bitch, but y’known what, only real gangsta have a soft spot in their heart for momma.

  8. I’ve seen this story a few times, and it’s still touching. If the message at the end ruins it for you, you have no idea what this guy went through and should count yourself lucky.

  9. Cute story. I liked it, even though I was looking for reasons to buy the game. Still good. Nice job.

  10. This is such a nice story, it is a shame though, from what I read I assume the creator feels that it was his real mum who had sent him those presents. It is actually your fake in game mum that sends you presents by post at special occasions and on your birthday. There is not away to set up a post option like this yourself.

  11. This is really touching. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I just stumbled on this story and I think it’s wonderful….brought a wee lump to my throat :-)

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