Back-to-Front Thong Man Gets Fine

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David Batchelor FinedIt’s about time for some more weird news. This story comes to us from BBC News Scotland:

A 58-year-old man who fed pigeons wearing only a skimpy thong which was back to front has been fined £150.

Neighbours spotted David Batchelor in his street in Perth in the underwear which left his genitals partly exposed. Perth Sheriff Court heard that children walking home from school had been passing by at the time.

His lawyer said that Batchelor had been drunk and there was no sexual element to the way he had behaved. He admitted committing a breach of the peace. When officers had turned up to investigate they found Batchelor still partially dressed and with his flimsy thong on the wrong way round.

The Full Story: BBC News

The mind boggles. Who goes out to feed the birds a pie anyway? And then while dressed in only a thong that’s on the wrong way round??


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  1. Reminded me of this:

    Shrek: Quick tell a lie!
    Pinocchio: What should I say?
    Donkey: Say something crazy… like you’re wearing ladies underwear.
    Pinocchio: Um, ok. I’m wearing ladies underwear.
    Pinocchio: [silence]
    Shrek: Are you?
    Pinocchio: I most certainly am not.
    Pinocchio: [nose extends] .
    Donkey: It looks like you most certainly am are.
    Pinocchio: I am not.
    Pinocchio: [nose extends]
    Puss-in-Boots: What Kind?
    Gingerbread Man: IT’S A THONG!

    Pinocchio: I’m a real boy!

    Crazy old drunkards eh!

    *Vows to self not to get too inebriated at the weekend*

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