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Bored Noddegamra Flash MovieAnother week, another flash animation. This one really was created one day when I was very, very bored. I think I had been ill, the sort of ill where you get really restless yet feel like doing nothing. I probably even felt a little bit like they guy in this flash movie. lol.

So yes, here is to another immature adventure. There will be many more “classics” soon.


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4 Responses to “Bored.”

  1. Ha ha ha ha! That’s …..disturbing!

    I hope you don’t really do ‘that’ when you’re ill Mr Nodde!!!

    Stand in the middle of the road that is…

  2. lol only sometimes ;)

  3. My kinda humour. Good darts buddy :-)

  4. Thanks :D
    I have quite a few weird flash movies from “back in the day” which I need to dig out and upload at some point. Hmm, might be a task for this weekend!

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