Career’s Day

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I can only assume this must have happened up and down the country at some point during the last twenty years. It seems like a viable choice for many young women, anyway.

Oh dear… I’m going to Hell now, aren’t I? :P


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  1. haha :D

  2. AWESOME!!

    And if you do go to hell I’ll have company at least

  3. You should do a follow up strip; comprising of a hooded, jogging-bottoms-tucked-into-socks type male youth having the same interview.

    I’m interested to see what the advice would be for him?

    “Hang around outside shops intimidating people, begging, spitting and, if you really want to make something of yourself; sell smack.

    It could be for you!

    Oh, and impregnate as many hapless blonde bimbos that you can lay your hands on! You’ll never have to pay child support, because you’ll never work! ”

    I love this country :D

    Please Note: The contents of this comment are entirely true and relevant to real life, apart from the very last statement.


  4. This comic is actually inaccurate. With a name like “Candice” she would have had atleast 2 children before she started her GCSE’s, meaning she wouldn’t be at school for careers day, let alone for anything else.

    There is also a much larger community in the UK getting probably even more benefits and financial aide than people like our poor Candice, and they don’t even have to go through the effort of having children. All they have to do is spit at and knife english youths on a regular basis.

  5. ::)

  6. Hey hey hey

    No need to turn my comic into a racist tirade! :-P

  7. who says I am? I could be talking about anyone, it’s purely your assumption :P

  8. “All they have to do is spit at and knife english youths on a regular basis”

    So is it the Welsh doing this now?? :O

  9. it could be english people targeting their own race specifically. Let’s just leave it nice and open. ;)

  10. Oh right. Equal-opportunity attacks.

    It’s a new craze!


  12. Hahaha, bet you all clicked on it ;)

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