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I finally got around to seeing the film Coraline! Whilst I wanted to see it at the cinema, I somehow missed the opportunity. I managed to get a copy on DVD with both the 2D and 3D versions included (along with 4 pairs of 3D glasses), but I have only sat down to watch it in “2D” so far.

Coraline is a visually stunning stop-motion film. I could not believe how fluid and beautifully animated the characters were. The visuals were quite similar to the style of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but thankfully it isn’t another stop-motion musical! (Phew! I hate those). Whilst the look is quite similar, it does feel a lot less exaggerated and a little more refined. Coraline definitely has it’s own look.

The story is about a young girl (Coraline) who doesn’t get enough attention from her parents. As they had just recently moved into a new home (an old house), she stumbles across a hidden door which leads to an alternate universe. Everything is suddenly “better”. Her parents give her undivided attention and come across a lot more loving and caring than her “real” Mum and Dad. The only weird thing is that everyone there seems to have buttons for eyes. Obviously, something isn’t quite right and we are treated to a very dark, yet incredibly imaginative story.

I highly recommend you check out this film, not only if you are a stop-motion loving nut like me. Coraline is a great film which is beautifully animated and definitely worth anyone’s time. Go see it, and let me know what you think :)

The Dark Knight – Trivia

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Christopher Nolan - The Dark Knight Movie TriviaContinuing the current “Dark Knight” theme, I have decided to provide a list of interesting trivia related to the latest Batman film. Please note that some of these items may contain spoilers, so you may wish to come back here after watching the movie.

  • As a joke, one bat suit was made with nipples, as in Batman & Robin (1997). It was presented to Christian Bale as the real bat suit, but he knew instantly it was a joke, having seen a few design pictures during preproduction. He did pose for some publicity photos in the “nipple” suit.
  • Robin Williams, Lachy Hulme, Paul Bettany, and Adrien Brody all expressed interest for the role of the Joker before Heath Ledger was cast. When asked, “Why Heath Ledger as the Joker?” Christopher Nolan said, “Because he’s fearless.”
  • To prepare for his role as the Joker, Heath Ledger lived alone in a hotel room for a month, formulating the character’s psychology, posture and voice (the last one he found most difficult to do). He started a diary, in which he wrote the Joker’s thoughts and feelings to guide himself during his performance. He was also given Alan Moore’s comic “Batman: The Killing Joke” and “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth” to read. Ledger also took inspiration from A Clockwork Orange (1971)’s Alex and Sid Vicious.
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Hulk Movie Concerns

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New Hulk Movie Concerns

I’m a little concerned about the lack of advertising about this movie, especially as it is due for release in a month or so. It doesn’t exactly fill me with a lot of confidence, especially when you compare it to the amount of advertising done on the Iron Man movie.

Is it because they knew Iron Man was worth the effort and Hulk isn’t? It certainly makes sense not to waste money on a product that is doomed to fail.

Connery to Play Bond Villain!?

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Sean Connery - New James Bond VillainSeptugenarian Scot, Sean Connery has expressed interest in becoming a Bond villain opposite Daniel Craig in one of the four new Bond movies Craig has signed up to do. The actor, best known as the original Bond, (a role which skyrocketed him to fame as a movie legend), has been so impressed with the new Bond’s debut that he’s just itching to face him! There’s only one problem though, he doesn’t think they could afford him:

“I wouldn’t mind coming back as a Bond villain,” he said. “But I don’t think they would pay me enough money.”

Preliminary talks between the production company and the aged thesbian have been taking place since two years ago when Daniel Craig reprised the role in Casino Royale.

“I think Daniel Craig is a terrific choice,” said Connery. “I think they’re going back to a more realistic type of Bond movie as I don’t think they could have gone much further with the special effects.”

Personally I think it would be a cracking idea for Connery to come back in the opposite role. They could explain away the notion of why so many people have played Bond by showing that there is life after MI:6, albeit a Marlon-Brando-in-Apocalypse-Now type existence. A bit like in Goldeneye with Alec Trevelyan going bad – this time an ex-Bond goes bad.

A message to the producers: pay him some money! People want to see this!

Full Story: The Daily Mail

Dressing Up

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Dressing Up - Polly Pirate Comic Strip Cartoon

Mighty Boosh Movie Imminent

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Fresh from winning Sexiest Male at the NME awards, Noel Fielding revealed that not only a fourth series on its way, but also a Mighty Boosh movie!


Nintendo: You Are An Idiot

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Nintendo WiFi pay and playDuring a GDC presentation yesterday, Takashi Aoyama announced Nintendo’s new online service: “Pay & Play”. He explained that Nintendo will begin “collecting fees for some services [that] will allow us to adapt flexibly”.


Here’s the thing Nintendo: I like your games. I really do. But your online service sucks balls. It’s really a poor excuse for a service and I don’t see how making it worse is going to benefit you one iota. Who wants to pay to play games online? Or for “additional content”? I certainly don’t. I miss the days when you bought a game, paid your money, and that was that.

Please, Nintendo, won’t you listen to your fans and overhaul your online system? Some people might be happy to pay, but not for the dismal piece of crap you’re peddling right now.

In a way I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re notifying people on the game box, (by way of a new red wifi logo), that they’ll have to pay for some content. This eliminates the surprise and anger that consumers would inevitably feel if they suddenly discovered they had to pay further down the line.

But why make your users pay at all? At the moment, that’s all your online system’s got going for it – the fact that it’s free. That’s it. In all other aspects, XBOX Live is better.

There. I said it.