Charles Miller Photography

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Here is some stunning photography by Charles Miller. As you an see he has amazing talent for capturing natural beauty. He specialises in birds, wildlife, landscape, floral and panoramic photography. Below are just 5 examples of his work.

Eagle Photography by Charles Miller

Photograph by Charles Miller

Sea Photograph by Charles Miller

Photograph by Charles Miller

Eagle Sunset Photograph by Charles Miller

To view more work by Charles Miller, please visit his website at:


6 Responses to “Charles Miller Photography”

  1. So… everything except portraits then?

  2. that first eagle photo looks like a painted picture.

  3. Charles Miller, does beautiful work. Did you get permission from Charles to use his work?

  4. I don’t think I need his permission due to the context of which I’m using the images?

    As I am not passing off the images as my own work, or using them for profit, I can’t see the harm (or violation of use).

    I am not too clued up on copyright laws, but I thought as I was advertising his work, exposing it to a wider audience, there wouldnt be a problem? Blogs/websites do it all the time.

  5. Using examples of his work for review and/or criticism is fair use.

  6. Phew :)

    Thanks for the info Hudders

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