Connery to Play Bond Villain!?

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Sean Connery - New James Bond VillainSeptugenarian Scot, Sean Connery has expressed interest in becoming a Bond villain opposite Daniel Craig in one of the four new Bond movies Craig has signed up to do. The actor, best known as the original Bond, (a role which skyrocketed him to fame as a movie legend), has been so impressed with the new Bond’s debut that he’s just itching to face him! There’s only one problem though, he doesn’t think they could afford him:

“I wouldn’t mind coming back as a Bond villain,” he said. “But I don’t think they would pay me enough money.”

Preliminary talks between the production company and the aged thesbian have been taking place since two years ago when Daniel Craig reprised the role in Casino Royale.

“I think Daniel Craig is a terrific choice,” said Connery. “I think they’re going back to a more realistic type of Bond movie as I don’t think they could have gone much further with the special effects.”

Personally I think it would be a cracking idea for Connery to come back in the opposite role. They could explain away the notion of why so many people have played Bond by showing that there is life after MI:6, albeit a Marlon-Brando-in-Apocalypse-Now type existence. A bit like in Goldeneye with Alec Trevelyan going bad – this time an ex-Bond goes bad.

A message to the producers: pay him some money! People want to see this!

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6 Responses to “Connery to Play Bond Villain!?”

  1. If it would be such a labour of love, then why should he get greedy about money? I mean sure, don’t sell yourself cheap, but this is the franchise that practically MADE him, and helped him earn his millions. Why not give a little back by being in a film for a lower price if they can’t afford him?

    I imagine it probably wouldn’t be an issue. In hollywood I’m sure they could afford him. They might just question whether he is actually worth what he thinks he is (or his agent thinks he is worth).

    Some interesting ideas though Hudders, you should write the script! hehe :D

    I worry that Sean can’t really act evil. I can only envision him as a sort of “camp” villain. Which would ruin it a bit. As I felt the new direction for Bond films were more dark/gritty.

    Personally my favourite bond was Pierce Brosnan. Although I enjoy almost all the Bond films ever made. Most of the “classics” I feel featured Roger Moore. Jaws was great! lol :D

  2. You fool! Connery was the best Bond!

    And he would make a great villain! Camp? CAMP!? Connery?


  3. I agree, Connery was the best Bond, his accent is lovely… mind you, I haven’t seen Daniel Craig in action yet.

    There are lots of women out there who still think Connery is a very shmexy man, even now. Young women too!

    I liked his character Ramirez in Highlander:

    “You have the manners of the goat, and you smell like a dung-heap!”

  4. Most women might be put off by this interview…

    … then again, some women might love it and want him even more :-/ lol. It’s a crazy world we live in.

  5. Daniel Craig is good, yes.

    Much better than Pierce Brosnan.

    I think in that interview, Connery is more saying:

    “If you have to hit her, (and I’ll admit that it’s necessary sometimes), slap her rather than punch her in the face. It’s more gentlemanly”.

  6. Damn it. If it’s taken out of context (it’s so blatantly done so! lol – even the comment at the end by the woman was sorta said in a way as if his wife has been “silenced” by fear of more beatings), why do you have to ruin the fun by putting it back in :P hehe

    I think the most gentlemanly way of beating a wife is doing it whilst wearing a monocle, smoking a pipe, wearing formal eveningwear. Possibly after eating smoked kipper and drinking white wine.

    Also, I hear that if you intend to bottle her, doing it with a more “aged” single-malt whiskey gains you more respect from your dinner guests.

    If you intend to use cutlary as means of weaponry, it’s best to work from the outside-in. Finishing with a dessert spoon in the eye.

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