Czech Police Baffled by Missing Bridge

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Stolen Railway Bridge in  Czech RepublicPolice in the Czech republic are trying to find out who stole a 4 tonne railway bridge from a disused stretch of line in the border town of Cheb.

The company which was responsible for looking after the bridge raised the alarm on Tuesday when, ever vigilant, they noticed that the bridge wasn’t there any more.

Martina Hruskova, a spokeswoman for the Czech police, commented: “We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value”.

What “personal use” would that be then? Apparently bridge theft is becoming more and more common in the former Soviet states, with at least two bridges being stolen in Russia in the last six months and a couple going missing from Macedonia last February. Why the sudden rash of bridge theft? Is it the new thing, like cocaine was in the ’80s?

Remember kids: lock your bridge up at night.


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