Songs by George Doors

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I know I have already posted a video today of a clip from shooting stars , but it’s friday, and I just couldn’t help myself.

Here are 3 songs by the character George Doors (Matt Lucas).

Potato Song


Shooting Stars does A-Team

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After the recent article on Mr T appearing in the latest Snickers advert, I decided to go through some of my old bookmarks and found this great video of when Matt Lucas playing as Mr T.

Shooting Stars Does A-Team


Mr T Snickers Advert

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Mr T features in the new Snickers advert!

Whilst watching TV last night I was suprised by a new advert for the Snickers chocolate bar. It features Mr T and has to be the best commercial I’ve seen this year!! fortunately it’s been uploaded to YouTube so you don’t have to sit through hours of boring TV shows just to see it. You really have to check this out!

“Quit your jibber-jabber, get some nuts!”


Learn your ABCs

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A is for Aaaaaahhhrrrrrr!!!!

This is a great old flash movie that I had trouble finding again. It seems like all of the old links/versions of it don’t work anymore, or atleast in the latest version of Flash player. It is hillarious! One of the funniest flash movies I have ever seen. Great work here by threebrain. Enjoy!