New Batman Suit – Dark Knight

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First Picture of Batmans New Suit (Dark Knight)

Batman Dark Knight New Suit First came the picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker , now we have what appears to be the first image of Batman’s new suit in the upcomming film Batman: The Dark Knight (to be released in 2008).

The picture comes from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. The picture is scanned in from the magazine, and to view it full, just click on the image.

As you can clearly see, the new batman suit looks a lot more streamlined and high-tech. Personally I think it also just looks a lot cooler! With each Batman film there seems to be a new suit, but this time it just makes more sense.

The film is a continuation of Batman’s crime-fighting life. Through time and experience comes requirements for new, helpful changes. Who knows how much further it will go in the future films? I really can’t wait to find out!

Britains got Talent – Im Good

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Tony on Britain’s got Talent singing “I’m Good”

This man is simply amazing. Trully inspirational.

Here we have Tony, a man who has had quite a rough ride in life, singing his own song infront of Simon Cowel and two other judges (I know their names, but it isn’t important. lol).


This show is currently on every night in the UK on ITV. Check it out.