Japanese Guys Playing Football While Wearing Binoculars

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Japanese TV/Gameshows are one of the funniest things in the world. This is a great idea!

Japanese Guys Playing Football With Binoculars On


The Joker – Empire Magazine Leaked Image

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Empire Magazine Revealing New Image of The Joker

This is an image from the January 2008 Empire Magazine which has been leaked out early thanks to the Internet! lol

As you can see, the Joker is looking quite mean (and VERY cool).

The Joker Revealed Empire Magazine Cover

Thanks to a “tip-off” from my great friend iguanapunk, who has enabled me to keep up-to-date with the current events of this potentially amazing movie!

What are all your thoughts on this latest image of the Joker? :)

Kill Bill (Super Mario Version)

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Check out this awesome Super Mario version of Kill Bill…

A fight scene from the original film, with Mario game sound samples dubbed in.


I’m now trying to think of other films where this can be done to make it utterly hilarious! Has anyone got any ideas? :D

Pencils at Dawn

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Batman Comic Strip - Pencils at Dawn

Pencils at Dawn is a great webcomic by “Mike” and “Phil”.

The idea behind the website/blog is for a random word to be chosen, they both draw a comic based on it, and somehow they turn it into profit. It’s a little bit like the “Underpants Gnomes” from South Park.

Mr T World of Warcraft Advert

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This is an excellent new advert featuring MrT, which was posted on the forum earlier.

Mr T World of Warcraft Advert


Also check out the Mr T Snickers Advert

The Crocodile Dance

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Crocodile Dance Flash MovieIn my youth I experimented a lot with Macromedia Flash. A great piece of software which enabled me to create stupid animations and publish them online, much like the one you are about to see.

This animation was created about 3 to 4 years ago and hosted on a previous version of the Noddegamra website. Now, due to popular demand I have decided to publish them once more and possibly add many new (and improved) flash movies in the future.

If you are as immature as I was then, I really hope you enjoy this spontaneous, animated nonsense.

5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Must Be Stopped

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5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Should Not Be MadeFor every Batman Returns that graces the theaters, there are 10 useless men in spandex lined up for the next few years.

This article on cracked.com states five of the next big-budget superhero films currently in production that simply should not be.

After the completely awful Hulk, DareDevil, The Punisher, Xmen 3 and Spiderman 3. How on earth can they expect these already awful heroes to succeed on the big screen?

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Note: I did used to like the Green Lantern, but as a film… ugh, no way!