New Batman Dark Knight Trailer!

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New Batman Dark Knight Trailer December 2007

It’s finally here! The new Batman: Dark Knight movie trailer.

Is it awesome? Is the new Joker amazing? Click here to see for yourself.

Seen it? Are you back? Good! – So what do you think?

Personally I think it’s absolutely amazing! I really can’t wait for it’s release in summer 2008. I’m not sure if I can even wait that long! Regualr visitors of this site will already know of the constant coverage of this great upcoming film and my concerns over the actor choice for the Joker. Whilst this trailer doesn’t put me behind him 100% (c’mon, leave out the Brokeback Mountain jokes) I am now a lot more positive about the whole thing. I am now looking forward to the film more than worrying about how the Joker is portrayed.

Animal Crossing: A Touching Story

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A touching story about a Gamecube/DS game? Yes, I know it sounds like madness but this really is something I felt worth posting.

A touching story about animal crossing


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Bored Noddegamra Flash MovieAnother week, another flash animation. This one really was created one day when I was very, very bored. I think I had been ill, the sort of ill where you get really restless yet feel like doing nothing. I probably even felt a little bit like they guy in this flash movie. lol.

So yes, here is to another immature adventure. There will be many more “classics” soon.

Two Ronnies: Round of Drinks

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Here is a video of Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker doing what I think is one of their best sketches.

The Round of Drinks


(sorry, it wouldn’t let me embed this video :( )

It’s really impressive how he managed to remember all of those lines! This is the second video posted so far of these two great comedians. If you enjoyed this, please check out the Fork Handles Sketch – Another classic! :)

New Rambo Trailer

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We posted the original Rambo 4 trailer many months ago. The footage here isn’t much different, but the overall look is more professional.

The film seems set for the release date of January 25th. From the trailer shown it feels like this movie won’t be as good as the last Rocky film. The Rambo films aren’t known for their superb plots, and this doesn’t look to change any of that. It looks like it will be simple, frequent bloodshed with a few “trying too hard” one-liners.

That said, there is some comfort in “more of the same” movies such as the Rambo collection. Viewers and fans of the originals may just be hungry for mindless violence featuring a muscled-up mad man. I myself am a fan of the original trilogy and will be going to see this movie. I hope that at the very least, it is up to the “standard” of the previous movies and doesn’t come accross as a film featuring a man possibly past his prime, lording it about in dirty places setting off explosions everywhere. All just to make a few million dollars.

Rambo  Movie Trailer


So what do you all think of the trailer? Will you be going to see the film?

Noddegamra Competition Winner #1

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Congratulations to Hudders for winning the recent forum competition!

This marks the first of many competitions (with prizes) that we will carry out in the new year! I’m also trying to think of a great one for this christmas, check back for more info!

Also, Hudders made this informative video of the prizes he recieved

Noddegamra Competition Prizes


If you would like to keep up-to-date with Noddegamra Competitions, or even participate in them, please sign up to the forum (free to register)!