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Hudders Comic 2

U2 Manager Hits Out Against File Sharers

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Mr MoneybagsU2 manager, Paul McGuinness (right) has called upon Internet Service Providers to introduce draconian policies aimed at disconnecting file sharers, music pirates and other ne’er-do-wells. During the International Managers Summit at the MIDEM music conference, McGuinness also urged governments to ensure that ISPs kick back at the little guy.

He blamed the record companise for allowing “a range of industries to arise that let people steal music”, Silicon Valley companies that create marvelous devices but “don’t think of themselves as makers of burglary kits”, and governments who “created a thieves’ charter” by agreeing that ISPs are not responsible for what their customers get up to.

“If you were a magazine advertising stolen cars, handling the money for stolen cars and seeing to the delivery of stolen cars, the police would soon be at your door,” he said. “That’s no different to an ISP, but they say they can’t do anything about it”

Obviously the audience of music managers lapped it up.

McGuinness later went on to say that the majority of people who downloaded Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” probably did it through “illegal” services like BitTorrent and Limewire.

When are musicians and their management going to realise that their glory days are over? I’m not saying that they shouldn’t make money, but there’s making money and then there’s making money. I’m not bothered if they’re scraping together a few pennies for a hot meal and a bath, but when that meal is caviar and that bath is gold plated… then I get a tad annoyed.

I don’t want to be paying for a mansion that will one day be featured on “Cribs” or to fuel some coke-fiend’s habit. Successful, talented musicians make more than enough money to live a normal life; it’s time they realised that if they’re doing it for the money, they’re in the wrong industry.

Webcomic 2

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Better late than never, eh? This is my second attempt at a webcomic!

Noddegamra Wizard Webcomic

The idea is a bit of an old one I had. Originally it was going to be a sketch for a series of entries me and Hudders preparing for channel 4. As you can probably tell I didn’t have my nifty graphics tablet this time, resulting in me having to go back to using the trusty old mouse to draw this. I hope you enjoyed it ;)

McDonalds to Offer McDiplomas

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McDonalds to Offer McDiplomasFast food giant, Maccy D’s has been granted permission by the government of these here sceptred isles to give out diplomas that carry the same weight as GCSEs and A-Levels to their staff. In theory, this will mean that McDonalds staff will be able to work towards nationally-recognised certificates in such fields as health and safety, food hygeine and customer service. In reality it will mean nothing, since anybody with “McDonalds U” on their CV is going to get chucked on the “thanks, but no” pile.

I’m afraid to say that the old prejudices still rule these days; people are still turned away from prospective employers because of the school they went to and certain stigmas do still stick to certain professions. It’s one thing to have worked for McDonalds, but it’s quite another to get your qualifications from there.

Maybe Noddegamra.co.uk should do qualifications? You could earn your Message Board Posting BA(hons) after 50,000 posts maybe? Definitely something to look into.

More info: here.

Gamers Retaliate Against FOX News

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Those of us who live outside of that glorious republic, the United States of America might have missed the outrage its mainstream media has traditionally levelled against video games. Whether it’s Jack Thompson linking any and every crime ever committed to video games, or whether it’s mindless “pundits” appearing on TV, lamenting the fact that kids can gain access to porn more easily simply because you can connect to the Internet on your Wii or DS.

I’m sure though that you’re all aware of the game Mass Effect though. You’ve probably not encountered the mother fucking shitstorm it’s generated in the more… sensitive areas of the US. Rather than try and explain why or to what extent, just watch this video:


“Excuse Me, I’m Doing Some Market Research…”

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Hudders’ Market ResearchI was just trawling the Interwebs this morning and stumbled across this bizarre story from 2003 when Tucson-based porn site owner, Tyrone Henry, was jailed for “fraud” when he lured two girls into his home, convincing them it was market research for a new face cream he was developing called “White Dew”.

The girls, aged 15 and 16, were told to kneel down, were blindfolded and then “cream” was applied to their faces. Unfortunately for the girls, this wasn’t some revolutionary new exfoliate but was in fact the hot steamy ejaculate of a sad, lonely man.

Bizarrely, these actions aren’t strictly a crime. You can’t charge the guy with sexual assault as he didn’t interfere with them sexually and you can’t get him for indecent exposure because… well… they were blindfolded. The only thing public prosecutor Bill Roach could come up with was a very limp case of fraud.

Heath Ledger is Dead!?

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Heath Ledger (The Joker) 28 died January 22nd 2008It’s true, I only just found out myself!

According to many sources such as The New York Times, 28 year old actor Heath Ledger died today of suspected suicide or overdose.

“Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan inhabited by the actress Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide or an accidental overdose, police sources said.”

Heath Ledger was set to appear as The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie “The Dark Knight“. As far as I know, the film is (or almost is) 100% complete, currently undergoing the stage of post production.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed yet, I imagine Warner Bros/Time Warner will continue to show the film, possibly dedicating the movie to the actor in this tragic event.

For those wishing to keep up-to-date with the story (and also read into it in more detail) please visit the following sites: