Nintendo: You Are An Idiot

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Nintendo WiFi pay and playDuring a GDC presentation yesterday, Takashi Aoyama announced Nintendo’s new online service: “Pay & Play”. He explained that Nintendo will begin “collecting fees for some services [that] will allow us to adapt flexibly”.


Here’s the thing Nintendo: I like your games. I really do. But your online service sucks balls. It’s really a poor excuse for a service and I don’t see how making it worse is going to benefit you one iota. Who wants to pay to play games online? Or for “additional content”? I certainly don’t. I miss the days when you bought a game, paid your money, and that was that.

Please, Nintendo, won’t you listen to your fans and overhaul your online system? Some people might be happy to pay, but not for the dismal piece of crap you’re peddling right now.

In a way I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re notifying people on the game box, (by way of a new red wifi logo), that they’ll have to pay for some content. This eliminates the surprise and anger that consumers would inevitably feel if they suddenly discovered they had to pay further down the line.

But why make your users pay at all? At the moment, that’s all your online system’s got going for it – the fact that it’s free. That’s it. In all other aspects, XBOX Live is better.

There. I said it.

It Slices, It DICES!

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Can you tell I got a new tablet this weekend? ;)

Czech Police Baffled by Missing Bridge

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Stolen Railway Bridge in  Czech RepublicPolice in the Czech republic are trying to find out who stole a 4 tonne railway bridge from a disused stretch of line in the border town of Cheb.

The company which was responsible for looking after the bridge raised the alarm on Tuesday when, ever vigilant, they noticed that the bridge wasn’t there any more.

Martina Hruskova, a spokeswoman for the Czech police, commented: “We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value”.

What “personal use” would that be then? Apparently bridge theft is becoming more and more common in the former Soviet states, with at least two bridges being stolen in Russia in the last six months and a couple going missing from Macedonia last February. Why the sudden rash of bridge theft? Is it the new thing, like cocaine was in the ’80s?

Remember kids: lock your bridge up at night.

O Comics, Comics, wherefore art thou Webcomics?

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New Noddegamra Webcomic Comic StyleWhat’s this? No webcomic this week? Well, I feel I should explain the situation.

Whilst there has been no comic from me this week, it’s not because I’m lazy or have given up. Oh no, I love drawing little cartoons! The reason there hasn’t been anything from me lately is because I’ve been working on developing my own style.

For those that know me personally, you already know of how I like to experiment in all manner of different styles, I never really stick to one. The problem is with webcomics (or any comic really) is that the artist needs to stick to a personal style so it becomes recognisable. Just check out the fantastic work of Mike for an example of what I mean. Even if he left out his signature strip, I would be able to tell it’s him. Also, check out the rut as another good example.

I’m not saying my style is going to be unique, just that I am going to try and settle on one in particular. I’m also going to sign the graphics with my initials rather than as “Noddegamra”. Or I may even sign it as “Matt”, I haven’t decided yet (any suggestions?). Next week I will be on holiday with my girlfriend, so you may just have to wait one more week before I finish the next comic strip.

Oh! And just one more thing! The picture in this post is similar to my finalised style, although the finished version will look better as I will be using my graphics tablet (or even scanned drawings) instead of (once again) using my mouse out of laziness/convenience! :)

Who’s the Pirate?

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The FlashBulb - Benn JordanWhen electronica musician The Flashbulb, (aka Benn Jordan), was approached after one of his gigs by some fans who told him how much they enjoyed his music, he was flattered. When they then went on to tell him that they bought his tracks from iTunes, he was less than thrilled.

Benn Jordan doesn’t have a contract with iTunes and he’s never seen a penny of any track ever sold there.

After investigating the numbers from the label, Benn discovered just how little the artist and label was getting compared to the profits made by the retailer. When he asked the owner of Sublight Records, (his label), about it, he was told to “leave it be”. Everyone else he contacted just ignored his calls and emails.

According to Apple, once a file is in the iTunes system, it can’t be removed or taken down for a year; a bizarre boast considering how flawed that logic is.

“So, who’s the pirate I should go after? A kid who downloads my album because it isn’t available in non-DRM format and costs $30 on Amazon? Or a huge multi-billion dollar corporation that has been selling thousands of dollars worth of my music and not even acknowledging it?”

Smurf World Record Attempt

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Smurfy Smurf Smurf - Funny World Record!The Guinness book of World Records is a marvelous tome, featuring as it does a whole host of human feats, both of endurance and of stoicism. Many of the records feature fantastic heroics by both sportsmen and ordinary people, pushing themselves to the limit and besting everyone else in their chosen field. What we like most though, as the general public, are the ridiculous records. How many people can you fit into a phonebox? How many pegs can you fit on your face? How many baked beans can you eat with a toothpick in the space of one minute?

How many people dressed as Smurfs can you gather in one place at one time?

This is the record the people of Komin, Croatia decided that they could beat. Research on the Internet revealed that they would only have to gather more than two-hundred and ninety Smurfs in one place to clinch the record. The press were notified, campaigns were launched and a date was set. When the time came, three-hundred and ninety-five Smurfs descended on Komin.

Smurf World Record Attempt

Nearly four-hundred men, women and children all painted blue from head to foot, wearing white trousers and floppy white hats gathered together for the record attempt. With over one-hundred more Smurfs than the current record, they were surely a shoe-in.

Man Hid Castle Behind Giant Bales of Hay

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Robert Fidler’s Castle Hidden By Hay BalesThat’s right, how else do you try and get past building regulations and planning permission?

Robert Fidler wanted to build himself a mock-Tudor castle, so he did, behind a 40ft stack of hay bales covered by huge tarpaulins. Once finished, he and his family moved there for four years before revealing it to the public in August 2006.

“Mr Fidler claims that because the building has been there for four years with no objections, it is no longer illegal.”

“After building the castle on the site of two grain silos at a cost of £50,000, he and his wife Linda went to extraordinary lengths to keep it secret. That included keeping their son Harry, now seven, away from playschool the day he was supposed to do a painting of his home in class.”

Oddly, Mrs Fidler stated that “We couldn’t have him drawing a big blue haystack – people might asked questions”.