Noddegamra is Hungry…

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This has been my first doodle in a while. I spent quite a lot of time today experimenting with different art and colouring styles. In the end what I have uploaded here is quite basic, but I hope to add some more images once I’ve finished the colouring stage of each picture.

To view some of my “work in progress” artwork, check out my twitter page or the forum for regular updates.

Noddegamra is Evolving

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It’s taken a lot of time and effort to try and bring some sort of focus to the Noddegamra website. As something that just started out as a bit of fun and a way to communicate with friends, time has definitely brought about a need for change. With the community thinning out a bit due to other competitive sites (such as facebook, cracked, digg, etc) there has been a real need to find something unique in order to offer something fresh here. The main focus of Noddegamra now is on creativity as well as the community.