Free Oblivion Content For Xbox360

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Oblivion Fighter’s Stronghold Free Downloadable Content

As of today, Xbox 360 and PC gamers will be able to download the new Elder Scrolls:Oblivion content for FREE!

What’s the catch? Well, there is none. The only thing to bare in mind is that this content is free for one week only. So download it as soon as possible!

The new content is called Fighter’s Stronghold, and contains the following:

  • A fully detailed castle for you to explore
  • Knights of the True Horn patrol the castle and do your bidding
  • Secret treasure vault
  • Upgrade the furnishings in every area of the castle
  • Hire a vintner to create special wines to enhance your fighting abilities
  • Hire a combat trainer to spar with
  • Hire a taxidermist to craft lifelike trophies for your great hall
  • Purchase an ancient Dwemer Forge that buffs your Armorer skill

Defeat the attacking marauders and become lord of Battlehorn Castle. Located in the Colovian Highlands west of Chorrol, this expansive castle will allow you to live the life of a noble warrior, with private quarters, grand dining hall, wine cellar, barracks, training room and more. And what castle would be complete without a few hidden passages and dark secrets?

The full price (after this week) is yet to be announced.


7 Responses to “Free Oblivion Content For Xbox360”

  1. You get free stuff on PC anyway.


  2. These are more like mini expansions. You rarely get those for free on PC. You only really get free patch updates, which you also get on the 360 anyway.

    This expansion (like the other oblivion ones you pay for) add hours onto the game via quests, locations, items and other content. They are official (which is also why they cost, over people doing their own mods).

    The only thing that sucks is when developers now seem to rush games for release, or hold back certain elemtents/features/content of a game in order ot charge people to download it at a later date.

  3. Horse armour.

    Need I say more?

  4. I better get downloading tonight then :)

  5. I managed to download it last night. Haven’t had a chance to play through it yet though. Still hooked on Halo 3.

  6. Yeah me too! Should be fun though :D

  7. I really need to get back into oblivion. I can’t exactly remember where I last got to.

    I will probably get some time to play this friday as most of my mates wont be on halo 3 in the day :(

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