Gamers Retaliate Against FOX News

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Those of us who live outside of that glorious republic, the United States of America might have missed the outrage its mainstream media has traditionally levelled against video games. Whether it’s Jack Thompson linking any and every crime ever committed to video games, or whether it’s mindless “pundits” appearing on TV, lamenting the fact that kids can gain access to porn more easily simply because you can connect to the Internet on your Wii or DS.

I’m sure though that you’re all aware of the game Mass Effect though. You’ve probably not encountered the mother fucking shitstorm it’s generated in the more… sensitive areas of the US. Rather than try and explain why or to what extent, just watch this video:


Understandably, there has been quite a reaction from the industry in general, from EA in particular, and from gamers who realise that they’re flat out being lied to by the mainstream media. Many Americans have turned their back on Fox News anyway because while they claim to be “fair and balanced”, they tend to be anything but; as the recent political campaign coverage has shown. This ignorant attack on something they don’t even pretend to have played themselves is just another admission that gaming is slowly pulling more and more people away from that life-giving wonder drug they call Television.

But this time, gamers have hit back. Rather than just whine and moan on messageboards about how they have been misrepresented and how the presenters of the show, (and in particular the “psychologist” Cooper Lawrence they wheeled out), clearly don’t know what they’re talking about, they have enacted a quiet, brilliant revenge.

Amazon’s Customer Image, Tagging, and User Reviews have proved the ideal outlet for incensed gamers, allowing them to tweak the listing for Lawrence’s book, The Cult of Perfection. The top ten tags for the self-help volume now included terms like “junk,” “hack,” “bigot,” and “hypocrite.” More than 500 user reviews were added in the past few days, 421 of these rating the book a lowly single star.

Many of the reviews mimic Lawrence’s opinions on Mass Effect, with lines like “It has full on sex and nudity, explicitly describes sexual situations, and is the posterchild of what is wrong with books today. Of course I never read a single page of this book, but that shouldn’t matter.”

The Customer Images are an assortment of Mass Effect artwork, macros, commentary on Lawrence’s credibility, and a suggestion that you might want to pick up the Mass Effect novel instead.

Check out the book here.


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  1. WTF! That was 99% lies. Like when that woman said the game was degradeing to women? Full nudity? Able to choose what sexual acts you perform? I think not. Its just like a tastefull one minute sex scene from a 15 rated film or something.

    Well done Jeff for trying to tell the truth, but im afraid they are close minded and wont even try and understand. They are anti-games, all games are the same to them, just bad.

    Dont get me started on bloody Jack Thompson! He is such a twat!

  2. Go Anon

  3. Just read the title again and don’t see any retaliation against fox? It was just a discussion. Am I missing something?

  4. The retaliation is at the bottom.

    I suppose they’re not retaliating against FOX, more like they’re retaliating against Cooper Lawrence.

  5. Ah thanks, that always throws me. For some reason my brain tells me that button should be ignored.

  6. lol, what the? should I make the button big, red, and round saying “do not press”? Then you’d be more tempted eh? :P

  7. “Arm Nuclear Warhead Now”

  8. Good idea :D

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