Halo 3: 10 Online Multiplayer Tips

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A Guide to Staying Alive and Kicking Butt

Halo 3. Probably the most anticipated game of this year on any platform. If you are new to this game you are likely to be in tough competition with those who have experienced the first 2 games, so here are a few tips to help you stay alive and grab a few easy kills in online multiplayer.

Halo 3 Multiplayer Tips

1. Jump Around

There’s nothing harder to hit than a moving target, especially if your are moving vertically as well as horizontally. Never stand still, you never know who is out there trying to snipe you.

2. Learn the Maps

Setup a custom private (invitation only) game and take your time exploring the levels. Search for great weapon types, look for good sniping spots, and get a “feel” for the overall layout. This will also help a lot in team games and learning how to flank your enemies.

3. Get in Close

If you are behind an enemy, don’t waste your ammo! Hit the melee button (“B” by default) to strike them in the back of the head. 1 hit kills.

4. Splash Damage

If you have an explosive weapon such as a rocket launcher, aim for the feet of your opponent. It’s more likely to hit your enemy due to the splash damage.

5. Aim for the Head

Work on your accuracy and try to go for head shots. It is the quickest and most effective way of taking down your enemy. This works best for most weapons, but if you are using a shotgun try aiming for the chest.

6. Use Vehicles

Be careful with this one. Vehicles are best in open areas with little or no chance of getting stuck. They are a big target and make a lot of noise (making you easy to find), but if you ram into a few players you can gain some easy kills.

7. Weapon Combos

Experiment with weapon combinations to suit your situation. Usually dual wielding pistols is best for close range (with maximum damage), whereas rifles are best for medium-long distance.

8. Grenades!

Learning to master grenades takes time, but it’s definitely worth practicing as much as possible. Try to aim for where your enemy will be (within 2 seconds or so) rather than where they actually are. This will also help in slightly laggier games.

9. Teaming Up

This tip is linked to number 8. When in a team it is common (and a great tactic) to stay close together. However, be careful not to stay too close to your team mates as it leaves you open to a total wipeout. One luckily thrown grenade can wipe out a team of 4 in seconds. Try to keep a little distance apart.

10. NEVER give up!

You have an enemy up close emptying their gun into your face and your gun just ran out of ammo. Don’t run away! Charge into them and smack them in the face (“B” button), run circles around them and try to throw that last grenade before your food for the crows! You may even get lucky and take out a few people after death. This has worked for me many times and is definitely worth a go. Don’t go down without a fight!
So there we have it, 10 simple tips to help you stay alive and cause maximum damage in Halo 3. I am by no means a veteran at this game, but I have learnt to do well from this information.

If anyone has any tips of their own please leave a comment. I too could do with all the help I can get! :)


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  1. Hmmm, pretty good tips, but those really are just the basics. Something you could cover is trying to watch your radar in those tightly inclosed maps, also maps like Sandtrap are perfect for those vehicle battles. Something that I did, just by the by, was I went into a Forge Match and set all the vehicles on one side of the map that way every one won’t have to run around looking for a certain vehicle. I’m sure your tips will prove useful in the future for the all noobies out there. Something everyone needs to keep in mind are the three golden rules of Halo wich are guns, grenades, and melee. You’ve already covored that of course so I think I’ll leave ya with that, keep it up man!

  2. 11. Don’t stop to hump your kill.

  3. I knew that already! I guess playing a -lot- of halo 2 helps… ;)

  4. Hahaha, great tip for number 11 there p@ ;)

    + Some might find these tips really obvious as I guess they are kinda aimed towards new players. However, sometimes things can be so basic that people overlook them. Hopefully many will find these Halo 3 tips useful :)

  5. Hi Thanks for the tips.

    I’m new to Halo never was interested until Halo 3 which I had to but coz everyone else did on my friends list!
    I think its less strategic then Gears of War which until now was the best MP game on the 360

    I’ve noticed Halo3 is more manic, the better players just keep running and jump around alot (as you said) also a short burst of fire followed by a mele (which in my opinon is far to strong) seems to be the preferred choice.

    Any advice about the vehicles? What seems to be the best one?

  6. Great tips. I hope I can improve my game now.

  7. #12. When Camping With A Sniper Rifle, After You Get A Snipe Kill, MOVE To A New Spot. The Tail Of The Bullet Is An Easy Way For The Opponent To Know Where You Are.

  8. That is a great tip about the sniper rifle. I keep forgetting the bullets leave a trail. Agh!

    I love using the sniper rifle. This is definately something to remember which should hopefully improve my game ;)

  9. Learn how to use the noob combo….its not as affective in part three as it is in part two but its a good way to pick up a quick two maybe three kills.

  10. #13. Crouch (L3) to take yourself off the radar to give you a chance to regenerate your shield.

  11. Awesome tip! I never even knew about that. Thanks! :)

  12. with the raptor ll i forgot its name the vehicle that flys not the banshee its new in halo 3 it has 2 engines on each side but when some 1 with a missle pod is trin 2 kill you u go up and down r go straight and start in a half circle this tactic can cause the following missles to pass you by…!!!! and any body who ants to play me in halo add halo lord13988734 i dont have xbox live yet but i play many multiplayer mTCHES AND SYSTEM LINKS SO DONT THINK IM BAD CUZ IF U DO U GOT ANOTHER THING COMMING


  14. for all those new people my friend played Halo 2 allot went to MLG events and is on the number 1 team which i dont know if u know who walshy is or if u know him like i do by Dave Walsh but him and his Cousin from lansing michigan play Halo 3 on the side along with Getting ready for the halo 2 mlg events but anyways his Cousin is fkn amazing at halo 3 and he helped me out allot he plays allot of custom games with allot of pros and if u send him a friend request on his new account just tell him ur new and would like some help his new tag is


    i play wit him all the time my tag is unhingednibbler but just talk to him and play some games of double team or somthing and ur bound to be great he has allot of good advice and hes definetly gonna be pro for halo 3 with his cousin whos already pro for halo 2 but definetly a good friend to make if u wanna be great and play with great players

  15. those r noob tips. Go practice some more

  16. Another few “noob” tips.

    When starting up in a team or normal slayer match, always go for the most tactical approach, such as the hammer/sword in combination with the invisibility as this almost always guarantees you full use out these “mega” weapons.

    Just remember active camo isn’t really that useful unless you intend to wipe them out instantly – whic will, ofcourse, require a strong weapon (or you can chance your luck with an assassination).

    Like i said it may just be a “noob” tip. but some people are just so desperate to kill they usually can’t be bothered taking a tactical approach.

  17. That is a great tip Davey, thankyou for your support :)

  18. Another tip:

    When using the Spartan Laser, pay close attention to your radar and stay out of sight if possible. If you see an incoming hostile, start charging and pop them with the beam once you step out of cover. Better than charging up while they’re pelting you with MA5B bullets.

  19. A great tip:

    Defense wins the game.

    When the sitiuation arises, play defense. Defend your flag or bomb port or VIP. This will help your team to win the game and it will also make it easier to get kills. You know where the enemy is trying to go and you can set up ambush points and get easy kills while also aiding your team.

  20. check your Kill/Death spread after each game, rather than trying to get more kills try to get less deaths. Remember that 5 kills and 1 death is just as good for your team as 15 kills and 11 deaths.

  21. Remember to not use melee attacks too early, you run across most players and lose a one on one because of this.. But don’t be a slow vicim.

  22. Banderson check your Kill/Death spread after each game, rather than trying to get more kills try to get less deaths. Remember that 5 kills and 1 death is just as good for your team as 15 kills and 11 deaths.

    ^^^^^ very true

  23. @DMON666 – I often use melee to early when I get up close to an enemy. I should try spraying a few bullets first eh? Thanks for the tip :)

    + great tips everyone, keep them coming! :)

  24. when you kill someone out in the open, you probably havent checked your radar, so check it and get to cover/reload

  25. Gamertag: Pappicious

    Bottom Line, Play hard, Play often, find glitches in the maps, use every advantage you can find.

    My method: Throw a grenade into the enemy, then empty a clip while charging and jumping, then melee when you get close enough. Guaranteed a kill.

    Look me up if you want to start crazy parties:


  26. Pretty good tips from everyone. one thing i do when ever its just me on a lonewolf slayer is control the better close range weapons and crouch allot. if u have a shotgun and they pop a corner into you they lose hands down. rather u get the instant kill or u just shoot and melee, shotgun is the most effective close range weapon since hammer is kind of slow to the hit and sword has to long of a blank timer on the end where you cant attack again. so basically. get a shotty us corners and other barriers to your advantage and you wil rack up points. also. if your crouching and a good amount of people are on your radar stay crouched and hide u can get an assassination off atleast 1 time. Radars are key to all Halo games.

  27. The way i see it, its a game thats all about timing. Whether your trying to pull off a headshot with the sniper rifle, or just trying to melee some one you just wasted an entire clip on, you have to time it just right so you can pull it off. Timing is key, and one of the more important aspect of the fast paced halo games multiplayer. And always be aware of your surroundings, or your gonna get assasinated alot.

    Gamertag: Haloman2000

  28. hmm
    for all the pros out there,
    ur not pro until you have evrty skull in the game
    and clog the gmae on legendary with them on.

    i have done it i have cloged game with all skulls and i have evry armor peice.

  29. rule 11 is wrong, there is nothing more enrageing for ur oppenent than to lose AND get tea bagged (ex. 1) afterwards. Cycologic damage is just as gd as a rocket launcher to the face

    Ex. 1:

  30. Oh yeah and dunt always go up for the melee i hate teamates that get the sheilds of the openents down when he has shot gun and runs in for the beat down. also when ur about to die throw gernaids i follow my tips and average 7.37 kills per life

  31. Finding it hard to target and kill players with the sniper rifle before they get me. is it just practice or anyone got good tips?
    Willy T
    Tag: Dewi Sant

  32. The Game dosn’t matter how many you kill per life but more of how fast you kill. As long as you are being killed not by the guy the rank behind you. So if you are in low shields try to get killed by the guy in last place not the one in 1st…

    Also I have noticed that on sword matches, many people make the stupid mistake of thinking that you can kill by throwing grenades at a shielded target… THIS IS WRONG!! grenades should be used only to KS from duels happening close by, or to feint…

    To feint you throw a grenade whilst back strafeing, this may inspire your opponent to copy you, as soon as he dose (If he dose) lunge him.

  33. If you zig zag when you are in battle you be able to kill your opponent faster than they kill you also there is a grenade jump where you throw a grenade down and jump it will make you go super high while you shoot your unsuspecting opponent(it takes your sheild down so use it with caution)

  34. #1 is a Bad tip: First off don’t jump around, the jump is slower speed that the strafe.

    #2 don’t just learn where the weapons are learn where the enemy team starts.

    #3 yes waste your ammo cause if the guy turns around before you get their his shields will not be down and you no longer have the advantage.

    #4 good tip, but the wall is better cause if a rocket hits the floor with the right timing it can be jumped.

    #5 Aim for the neck areas so that stray bullets still hit your opponent, you’ll loose hits if your bullets fly over their head.

    #6 Watch out for missile pods, and spartan lasers. If you know the map and where your opponent start you’ll know if they have a missile pod.

    #7 for dual weapons are mostly for short range, aim for the head

    #8 sounds good to me

    #9 teamwork is always better

    #10 If you are a good player you most likely have cover, its faster to swap your weapon rather than reload so try that.

  35. Thanks for your input lucifur82. Very good tips about aiming for the wall and neck :)

  36. name=gamertag

    i think these tips are great guys but i also think that you need to play according to what type of game you are playing as in team slayer it is best to go for a good kill death spread so watch not to die so much looking for those extra kills while for lone wolves and rumble pit thats all b****loks and you should just do whatever you can to get kills

    hope usefull

  37. Never use #1 in a long range situation. jumping tends to throw you in a sort of flowing arc which is very easy to shoot. rather, run side to side. (unless your opponent is shooting a needler, in which case you strafe in ONE direction)

    btw learn to use the assault rifle! you start with it in almost all matches, and it is a very powerful weopon. some tips:
    -Stagger your fire at long ranges(pump trigger)
    -aim high as soon as, but not before, their sheilds drop.
    -you only have to fire 6-7 rounds before a melee will kill someone.

  38. Thanks Tom that is a great tip!

    I’m going to add these tactics to my games :)

  39. all these tip are great andtom thats a good point but in all this situations common sence is the most important factor and think about the next thing thats a bout to happen if ur surpised ur fuked lol

  40. I’m looking to play with some good Halo3 players. I’m tired of playing with 44 and 45′s that aren’t any good. Let’s party so i can get to 50.

    Friend Me – xXxHUNGDADDYxXx

  41. Also, there is a glitch in Halo3. When it comes to shooting then Melee fights, it’s not who melee’s first, but who has the most life when both players melee. Remember, even if you’re a split second too late with that melee, if you were more accurate with your sprays, you will win the melee.


  42. chewing gum regenerates muscles in the core of the stimulus of the reciprocal of the secular motion of the stand by revolving the circumference.

    In other words for people that dont know their vocabualry words, Halo 3 is just a shooting game and nothing else. So, u have to just pretend that u are a beast in halo and no one can stop u

    In other words, believe in urself

  43. Basic technique that I havn’t read here yet, that will come in handy even in long range situations.

    Is to nail a guy with a frag and then head shot them with a battle rifle, works as a pretty much instant kill if done correctly. I recomend you don’t even try it in short range situations, becuase any resonable play would of killed you first…

    Also… I hate oddballs and king of the hills, hell most people do. So try not to make them worse by using retarded tactics like killing people miles away from the ball or hill. The clever thing to do is let your opponents walk in and damage or kill the king or ball carrier. And then storm in when they are wounded.

    ALSO!! For some stupid reason unknown to me people at rank 34 can be stupid enough to still not know winning tactics on a netral assault on sandtrap. Its quite simple you steal their elephant and drive in to the bomb respawn point, and keep your elephant as far away as possible…

    Sorry for the rant guyz… hope this is helpful for any prat that dosn’t know this yet… *And hell you all better*

  44. Tip Number 1 is a bit flawed. Jumping is a good strategy at times but it is a bad idea to jump when being sniped. It makes it a lot easier for people to snipe you.

    The article was basically common sense but the tips in the comments were helpful so thank you.

  45. Might as well add a “noob” tip that I didn’t see. When dual wielding it helps to wield an energy weapon (ie plasma rifle) and a kinetic weapon (ie spiker). The energy weapon takes down the shields and the Kinetic weapon kills them.

  46. the tip about jumping is wrong. i would not jump when a sniper is watching you, as it is very easy to be hit when you jump.

  47. rule 1 is a bit wrong as u can get sniped when u land

  48. Two tips:
    if an opponent runs behind a rock and is slightly weakened and you feel you have the advantage throw a grenade to the left of the rock, and take out your assault rifle and move to the right of the rock. This way he cannot escape.

    if you are being followed and are at a disadvantage bounce a grenade off of a wall (basically leaving the grenade behind your path) and let your opponent run into it. This immediately levels the playing field if you were low in life and allows for you to finish your opponent in a situation you would have normally died.

  49. best comment was to be found at the end. Thanks Froelich good idea about bouncing granades off walls, hadn’ thought of that as a way to kill peops behind when being stalked.

  50. okay let me put together my lil trick tips on some a lil more advanced moves that has helped me a lot because yeah im good like that lol j/k…no.1 yes always ALWAYS aim for the head except if u have shotgun close range shoot at chest..yeah brings me to no.2 dont try to take on a person with a dual weapon especially a mauler to a beat down finish. dual weapons can make a further lunges then regular weapons and i believe they can hit quicker. no.3..this is a pretty cool tip because it will leave ur emeny clueless and give u an advantage, but if u are behind a guy who is shooting at ur team but u are too far to get close enough to assassinate without him spoting u first CROUCH and approach him while shooting that way when he finally does spot u his shields will more likely be down. no.4 when u are fighting close range melee to death dont hit then jump back, keep hitting no.5 dont be stupid and shoot at a guy who is just standing there up on a high stand or behind a barrier looking right at u and hes not shooting more than likely he has a sniper and he is getting ready to get a good shot on u so dont charge in such a situation unless if u are good with a br or carbine and can get a shot for him not to be able to scope in. no.6 many people know this one but ive seen many people that dont do it, but always ALWAYS make sure ur gun is reloaded before charging into a battle that way u dont run out and if u do run out make sure too that u always have a secondary weapon that could be anything because it would be better to pull out another gun to finish him than to try and reload and freak out. no.7 be aware of ur surroundings and come to the realization that u can’t win every fight…many times u will be out numbered or come across a person that is better than u in such a situation put up a fight but if u know u can’t win at that time just back off and turn around so that way its harder to hit u in the head and run behind walls, corners, barriers or anything to get away just for ur shields to recharge and about 90% percent of the time they will try to come and finish u off but to prevent this throw grenades or power drainers between both yours and his path to give u a brief time to get ur sheilds recharged. alright and for a final tip to people that really make me mad usually noobs to some extent, but if u are negative and u know it and u just know for a fact that u can’t win any battles than just hide that way everyone on ur team can get a win and everyone is just as happy as they can be lol well anyways these are some lil more technical semi advanced moves u could try out


  52. Sometimes being smart is better than being good. Try to anticipate your enemie’s weapons by where they are on the map, and plan your advance accordingly. If you find a person by the shotgun or mauler spawn, assume he has one of them and don’t rush in. Also avoid staying too long in wide-open areas that you know are visible to sniper positions. Jump and click the crouch button like mad even if don’t know you’re being sniped.
    If you do find yourself at a disadvantage, quikly decide whether it is best to rush in or retreat. Often i’ll have a BR and i get snuck up on by someone with an AR or a shotty, and I just run backwards so that their guns lose their punch and mine remains. If you do use this make sure you don’t back yourself into a wall or corner, you actually have to concentrate on not only where you are shooting but also on what is behind you.
    Alas, some battles you were doomed to fail. Don’t let them get you down lest you lose your desire to triumph.

  53. Heres a tip:

    if you know you are not gonna win a gunfight and you are both charging, try and jump over their head and 180. this way they might be taken by surprise. then either leg it, or go for the assasination.

  54. the gahndi jump-

    Jump and press crouch repeatedly, you will flatline at the peak of your jump, and you will jump about 4 ft further.

  55. well i hav a dout if i’m shooting and both players are aproaching when it comes the melee attack why sometimes y shoot them more than they and they still killig me with the melee??:S

  56. Most tips here are useless for noobs!

  57. The best tip so far is #2 ..
    just stick to that for a start.. U’ll learn the rest by yourself as you progress.

  58. Half of the people posting either can not spell or make comments that really show they know nothing about the game… The best tips i’ve seen were the crouch walking statement, the no jumping in open spaces (anyone with a sniper rifle will certainly tag you), and the move while firing (because everyone who has played must know a moving target is indeed hard to hit). Some one was actually trying to promote camping with a shotgun, which if you’ve ever played competitively in tournament automatically causes a disqualification, so try to not do this (it also really makes you look like a noob more so than those players who shoot around in a circle once you’ve suprised them; they seem to hit everything but you, am i right?). The comment concerning who melees with the most health left wins is completely accurate. And finally, you have to master the assault rifle and the battle rifle (AR for close range; BR for long) because if you can fire accurately with both of them then you can use just about any other weapon accurately. I just wanted to clear some things up and i’m not a great halo player, but i’ve played long enough to know when some people are just talking right out of their ass.

  59. Also my contribution to the board: If you are charging a player and tagging him with your assault rifle and he is just taking it and running right at you as well then he probably has the shotgun.

  60. Jus To let everyone know Bungie have changed the meley system so that both players inflict the same amount of damage
    so dont wait too fire theose last few bullets and mellee because if you have an even gunfight the first mellee will win.

    Some Other Tips

    If the oter person hasnt spotted you or if he is chasing you round a corner THROW GRENADES once it drops shields it will only take one shot too the head with a br or carbine

    Second Tip


    Youre first and second weapon should always be reloaded. And if you and an opponent have a br fight reload 1 round before the opponent so he takesone extra shot but you get 2 while he reloads so overall you get more.

  61. None of you Halo 3 homos know what you are talking about. Resistance on PS3 is a much better game.

  62. My tip is to not bother reading all those “i am great comments” because you are egotistical tw@ts.

    Also McLovin – you’ve just proved yourself to be a complete knobend and I hope that you are not typical of the PS3 community, mind you I’d rather have the idiots on there rather than XBOX live annoying the hell out of the rest of us.

  63. “None of you Halo 3 homos know what you are talking about. Resistance on PS3 is a much better game”

    The fact that you even said that, makes me want to kick you in the nuts.

    And second off, have ANY of you guys on here ever played something besides matchmaking? Customs are such a better way to get better, quicker. I mean, look at the pros game count. They have over a thousand customs, and only a few hundred matchmaking games.

    Second off, ALWAYS have a Battle Rifle (BR) or Carbine (Carb) as your main weapon. It’s effected close and long range. I only play MLG settings since I play professionally, which just makes your starting weapon a BR and the weapons on map ” No Power Weapons ”

    Download the MLG versions of Guardian, Construct, Isolation, The Pit, and Narrows, those are the official MLG (Major League Gaming) maps. They just made a whole new set of them, too.

    My gamertag is stuxt add me and I’ll play with whoever, I don’t care about skill, it never hurts to get better.

  64. Thanks for the tips my bro needs them very gratefull now i have better gam play wiv him

  65. Thanks for all your comments. There’s been some great tips on here.

    i never knew about those map types, thanks for the info!

    “Resistance on PS3 is a much better game.” ?? lol – wtf!?!?!

  66. Im new to halo3 and i find that jumping around just makes you more visible to enemies so i stay low and sneak up behind some one when their shields are low and empty a clip of a Br to their head then go in for a melee!

  67. U no wat i hate big headed gamers they piss me off and i wish i could stick a plasma granade to em and blow the bastards up

  68. Ive got to get three more skulls and ive completed the game on legendary but i need 2 more armour peices hayabusa head piece and the katana sword

  69. mclovin why bother comin on if you think ps3 games are better tw@t

  70. hey, a good tactic i use is camping… lol i no what ur thinking its rubbish but it works well for sniping opponents but you should move spot between kills coz people can sometime tell where you from the bullet trail.

    ps. if anyone wants to challenge me online add my gamertag.. moshman246

  71. I got all the 1000 achievements in halo 3 stopped playing for a month now I totally get pwnd online. So I’ve been playing guitar hero and rock band instead.

  72. i h8 the people who walk around with the best armour on the game and they think their the best. i could put a plasma grenade up their ass

  73. im very new to halo 3 and xbox live, and have found these tips very useful. im just posting here to say that if any experienced gamer would like to play me and give some tips, just send me a friend invite. gamertag is jokermb420. ive already tried to add a couple people in here, but the requests are still pending.

  74. hey joker.. you can add my gamertag if you like.. its PunkWarrior246(used to be moshman246)

  75. Grenade Tips:

    1. When someone is chasing you, throw a grenade down towards your feet. The grenade will explode by the time he gets to it.

    2. Get used to bouncing grenades off the walls because they can be VERY helpful, ecspecially when the opponent has a sword.

    Sniper tips:

    1. Dont move the cursor like youre drunk and playing halo 3. Relax and aim slowly.

    2. Everytime you shoot a bullet and you kill or you miss, ALWAYS RELOAD!! There will be sometimes that you wish you reloaded before that N00b killed you.

    #1 Thing to get used to is the Melee’s, You gotta do it at the perfect time. Later on you will get used to it and melee’s would be youre best friend.

  76. well put trev pimp, well put.

  77. good tips for noobs but the only reason why i searched the topic is because i was playing CoD4 and i got really bad at halo3 also i have a local tornament commin up in 2 days

  78. I forgot to add 1 more comment, after you kill someone with a Rifle Sniper go to another location because its very easy to track where the bullet came from and then the guy would kill you. It happened to me today lol.

  79. Another tip, if you realise everyone is using the radar to their advantage, and you have a good idea of where they are, move slightly slower and you won’t appear on the motion detector. Great for stealth kills on camping snipers.

  80. oh and everyone add my gamertag cradleofphilth

  81. Two very obvious tips that I didn’t already see.
    Reload between kills as often as you can (safely). Too many times, I will see people spraying bullets into someone then running on to the next kill. Reloading only takes a second and it affords you the whole clip’s worth of damage instead of getting into the fray and only having 9 bullets before the break.
    Secondly, melee switching. It’s a Halo classic. If you round a corner and run into a guy with your Battle Rifle drawn, press the melee and weapon switch button at the same time (B and Y). This does the melee attack while simultaneously switching to your alternate weapon. This is great for making the transition from medium/long range weapons to short range or higher damage weapons…also helps with the reloading process. Run out of ammo in your shotgun? – Melee switch to another weapon, instead of wasting time reloading.

  82. My rule!

    If you betray me to take my Sniper Rifle, or Sword, I will hunt you until the game is over. I will not try to win anymore. My goal will be to kill you. So, DO NOT BETRAY YOUR partner. I believe that everyone should hunt and destroy any team memeber that betrays you. :)

  83. Anybody who is bragging about being a sniper and staying in one position is an idiot.

    It happens on every FPS game I have ever played.

    Guess what? DOESN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE because it’s pointless.

    All you dedicated snipers – you’re letting your team down by being a useless dead weight.

  84. Why, this is quite the compilation. I just wanted to mention that communication is also an under-estimated factor in keeping a lead and helping your team-mates help you to win the game. As soon as the game starts, try to communicate a plan or make suggestions to try to come up with a plan. Even if you say I’m gonna stick with you (team members gamer tag here) lets go for the rockets, that way the team knows your plan. Trying to get teams to stick together is one of the most challenging things to do while trying to win, but it is well worth having a team who is willing to work together as opposed to doing their own thing and “feeding” the other team points. I also suggest to find people to group with that communicate well on maps and learn from what they do. Listen to your team. Speak to your team. Win with your team.

  85. Knock rockets away with the hamer, move horizontal to the person with needler to dodge in open field of play, swipe sword to Knock away sticky gernades. press b when you have the sword then push right trigger to hit faster.

  86. i use the fart rifle to hypnotize my opponents into thinking i have a fart bazooka.. then i shoot them in the face when they pass out and i sit on their head and t bag them..
    ps. i am a mlg pro and for a useful tip… make sure u wipe ur butt before going into a heated battle because u will get a rash.
    p.s. i think it is the best to use the hammer of dawn on halo 3 because it will confuse them and they will think u are playing gears of war so they will fall over.

  87. heres a tip. when theres people round a corner walk really slowly and then u dont show up on the motion detector(radar)

    dont u hate it when people seem 2 kill u so easily , its like they have cheats.

    i’m only 14 and my highest skill is 10 and rank is a lieutenant mark 2

  88. alright, i’ve heard enough of people acting stupid. Arbitor 5, they’re not cheating. i’m only 15 and my highest skill is 46 (gamertag SK HUMAN NUKER) I’m looking for people to play slayer with, i need a good team. A way to boost yourself in slayer is to find people who are good, and play with them. There are three things i live by religiously in this game, Radar, Communication and finding chemistry with other players.

    Radar is so important on this game, as if you’re crouching and someone’s coming towards you, pop a grenade in front of them as they’re walking into the room and get a BR shot to the head. ( Also, remember 4 BR headshots is a kill) Strafe while using BR. And also on construct, use the gold lift and a BR to your advantage CAMP GOLD LIFT. When you hear someone coming up, you’ll hear a little “Warp” noise. Throw a grenade on the diamond (where they land) and br shot to the head. Also, always remember less deaths is better than more kills. Stay alive, make it a challenge to have 0 deaths, regardless if you get 1 kill and 0 deaths.

    Communication: I think this is a leading factor to winning the game. TALK WITH YOUR TEAM MATES. If you run into blue room on guardian and you get killed with a shotgun, alert your team. Tell him all the status of how you just died, use vocab, makes you look smart “Shotty in blue room, full shields” That tells players, He has a shotgun in the blue room and that he has full shields. When players camp with power weapons (shotgun, sword, hammer etc.) throw grenades and DO NOT CHARGE. Many times i’ve lost games because of “feeding” other teams. Feeding occurs when your team just rushes the other team constantly while they have power weapons, and keep dying, but also keep returning to the same spot to just get killed again. Many times a 35-35 game can turn into a 50-35 game in just a minute.

    Finding chemistry in other players is also a key factor in victory. If you find someone you play well with, and you seem “un-beatable” PARTY UP. Send that person a friend request, and get familiar. Good chemistry is hard to come by, so if you find yourself doing well, after the game hit the x button, what do you have to lose? If you have any tips, feel free to add me, i have two gamertags



    KSI T3RR0R

    : )

  89. SK HUMAN NUKER or is it KSI T3RR0R – tell me which one it is and i’ll add u because i fed up with people who kill 5 or 7 people in a game

    I see u got an overkill lol

  90. Alot of you guys forgot a very important role in on-line team work LEAVE YOUR HEADSET ON. It’s very annoying when your team mates do not have there head sets on(very hard to work as a team when you can’t comunacate) and if you say someone is anoying just mute them…..oh yea one more thing…..Look me up and add me as a freind I am freindly and some-what good at and still getting better and if you say you suck I dont care I will still be your on line buddy.


    #1 There is no such thing as a best vehicle, some are just beter than outhers,the top 4 would Benshee, Hornet ,Wraith and Scorpion.

    #2 The same is for guns some are just beter than outhers and some pepole are really good with difernt types of guns.

    #3 ALWAYS leave your headsets on I cannot stress this enough it is so annoying when you can’t talk to your team mates.

    #4 Be a social butter fly don’t be afriad to talk, talking is the simpalist way to make friends and if threre are Bung-holes that think that they are to good to talk and call you a NOOB remember they where NOOBS also and then move on to someone else.



  94. Keep your cool while your playing, dont get pissed off when someone teabags you because its going to happen

    Also, if your playing any game with teamates check where the red x’s are that may tell you where enemies may be.

  95. Also…Get to know your opponents:

    If there is a good sniper the best way to kill them is medium range… Do not go into close range if the sniper knows your coming, giving one time to prepare a no scope is stupid. At medium range they won’t be able to No scope you properly…

    And advice for pratz, if a high skilled sniper is on top of the tower on “The Pit” never go up the grav lift on your own, if they are good they will no scope you…

  96. Ive Found That Trash Talking Online Doesn’t make You A Better Player It Makes You A N00b! (Add My GamerTag=Jables69

  97. hey btw , if your sniping, ts easier to keep your aim at Head Level (hl) and if they are stupid enough to try and jump towards you keep your aming level with where they will land and then time it correctly, and bang there dead… oh and if your in a sniper fight, move side to side like a metre every time and if you are using HL then you will easily get a sniper kill…. oh and one last thing.. DO NOT STAND STILL IN ANY TYPE OF MATCH

  98. There is some great tips there.
    Ive only played for about three months now and reached commander grade 2 highest skill 38
    ive played so many different stlyed players but i want to make this clear noone likes campers in spots that arent meant to be reached people dont think youre cool your just looking for cheap kills. Also when playing team slayer STICK TOGETHER and i dont mean like youre touching each others feet but stick close and dont worry if someone on your team “takes your kill” its not about personal glory its about the team winning. Too many times i see people who think there the greatest who go solo in a team match and get slammed by four guys. also practice BRs in a face off between assault and battle rifle if used properly br will win everytime dont get me wrong though they do have ther uses. hope that helps. If anyone wants to play gamertag is same as name. im always wanting play new people. Always remember the key to getting better is practice. dont give up

  99. I am looking for players who are interested in being tactical instead of rushing. Let me know if your interested… gamer tag is name above.

  100. i have played a lot of matchs and watched people or noobs go for weopens and thats how u get killed instead of starting and runing to the best weopens y dont u set up a defence so no one can kill u i ve done it loads of times and won

  101. Number one do NOT jump while being targeted by a sniper. I hate when I am killed this way and love it when other people make this mistake. Number two don’t hump people. It wastes time, leaves you vulnerable, and gives other players a reason to think you’re just plain retarted. Number three-( This one could really save your ass )- when you come up against someone with a sword and you also have a sword, just keep pressing the melee button and you will always kill your opponent. The only reason this should not work is if your opponent also keeps meleeing you-( This rarely happens ).

    Happy hunting!

    Gamertag: BIX 15 – just got LIVE so look me up on bungie or wherever.

  102. Sticks Rule #1:

    If you keep hearing the opponent’s yell “Veto! Veto! Veto!” DON’T! Odds are that they either hate the map or are insecure about a recent loss on that map. Why not take advantage of this?

    Sticks Rule #2:

    Know how to party up? Well, when you come against a team who are sub-par to your level but are competitive enough, ask them to party up! You’ll gain more EXP by beating them 5 in a row than going up against 4 different opponents with different gameplays.

    Sticks Rule #3:

    THERE IS A REASON WHY BUNGIE MADE THE NEEDLER STRONGER IN HALO 3! Especially in The Pit, grab the needler as soon as you can and mow down opponents going for the rocket in the Rocket Alley. On average you can grab 2 kills per clip, 3 if you’re lucky

    Sticks Rule #4:

    Don’t wait for a particular weapon. Always grab the first you can see as reloading that damn AR is much slower than switching weapons and mowing them down with Plasma Rifle/SMG/Pistol

    Sticks Rule #5:

    In close quarters combat? Best combo is SMG & Spiker. Start with Spiker, halfway through clip start with SMG.By the time the Spiker’s clip is finished you should have the kill. When 1v2, this weapon tactic also helps when you need to reload as you’ll never stop firing!

    Sticks Rule #6:

    LEARN HOW TO NO-SCOPE! Stop and think, two shots at middle-close range with sniper kills quicker and more efficiently than 4-5 shots with Shotgun/Mauler at the same range. It effectively replaces those weapons

  103. best tips you’ll ever come across:
    if someone is hiding round the corner he will probably have a shotty or something as powerfull , jump through the doorway and go triggar happy on him whiilst back straifing.


    END OF

  105. hey if anyone wants to join my clan feel free to add me and i will help you get your rank up, and if you want i can help you get the acheivmants. i am a colonel grade three and i have 2 generals with no xbox live, so i know what im talking about ok?

  106. lol I have died many time from stopping and then tea bagging my kill

  107. try jumping before melee because they usally try for it to and you jump they miss you connect they go down

  108. Another good tip would be for Bungie to fix a lot of problems with the game. If you think there aren’t any, I’m sorry but you’re wrong.

    H3 is a GOOD game, if they’d fix everything wrong it could be GREAT.

    Lt. Grade 2, highest skill 30-something..haven’t played in a while.

    I may not be an expert, but I’m no noob, so don’t bother trying to call me one.

  109. the biggest tip i can give u is to become good with the battle rifle. all the good players will wipe out others within 4-5 shots. good BR tips are to aim for the body initially to take their shield down, 2 or 3 shots should be fine, then move up to the head. the BR shoots 3 bullets and its quite important to try and land each of the 3 bullets. think about it, if you aim for the head you got a smaller target meaning you might only hit 2 or maybe 1 of the 3 bullets meaning its going to take you about 6 or seven shots to kill someone. obviosly if u know an enemy is low on health shoot for the head straight away.
    one half decent grenade can easily take away half an enemys health so a couple head shots will take someone out. and remeber you aint gonna win every 1 on 1 battle and may need to retreat round a corner – as the enemy is following you round throw a grenade and jump out the way of their aimer, landing a head shot in the process, if you perfect this it will be an instant kill

  110. These tips are really helpful, i seem to have hit some sort of barrier where i can’t get my rank/level any higher, but i think ill try again now :)

    One thing that always helps me, and ive only really just strated applying this to my games, but its helped loads! is to..

    Always use the right weapon for the righ situation.

    Obvious i know,butthere has beensomany times when ive seen…

    people trying to get long range kills with the assault rifle

    people tryi to no-scope with the sniper

    people running the distance of the map with the sword or shotgun

    All im trying to say, is that if your target is a long distance away from you, then use a long ranged weapon

    If your target is anything but right next to you, do NOT use the sword as you can be shot whilst running upto your target, with no projectile weapon in your hands with which to shoot back.

  111. yo ARBITOR 5 the problem is that you give up too easily. a mistake that i used to make a lot was going in the same way everytime. if you find that going that way u get killed around 2-3 times try a different wayy!!! it does not strike most people. the best tips i guess would be to starf, reload and aim ahead of the people if you are using a BR. dont forget it takes a bit of time for the bullets to travel.

    Add me….need a good team for matchmaking–mostly hardcore (mlg, swat, snipers)

    PS. Check me out at bungie.net for my amazing ranked killtacular

  112. I am getting LIVE this week, but I do know some tips of my own.
    If there is someone around the corner, bounce a grenade off the wall, it’s bound to work. If it doesn’t kill him, it WILL take down his shields leaving him nearly defenseless. I think all these hints are very useful, so keep it up.

  113. My Gamer Tag is going to be the one above, or close to it. Add me as soon as I get on, I don’t have a rank yet, but I am definitely NOT a noob. I will post a comment when I have LIVE.

  114. another tip would be to make sure you have enough ammo for a one-on-one. another is to reload often.

  115. looks like i’ll be on live tuesday

  116. ok i read most and i have a few imputs
    #1 grab an energy sword and some spikers or plasmas then go to hit someone then one sec later through a sticky it should cancel the sword hit and stick them
    #2 a mauler is a shotgun
    #3 on gardian go from the tree trunk where got the brute shot and head towards overshield when you get the os turn around look back towards the way you came the conner to the left you can jump up in to it and crouch get some sweet assinations
    #4 download the heroic map pack to play on line!!!
    #5 gamertag=name add me well play custom or matchmaing

  117. if ur in a dire situations, especially on small maps stick urself with a sticky and run into the enemy’s. Or just stick them ;)

  118. Noobs.. lmao what the hell? Whatta weird term..
    I’m a captain grade 3.. so im not a “noob”

    but yeah I think the best tip is to master every weapon..
    and reload after you kill..

    Fusion coils can cause nasty kills.. i got a splatter with one and a cone kill as well.. the environment can be very nasty ;)

    BR is the best all round weapon in the game.. in the hands of an expert..

    So yeah hit me up if you’s want a game.. gamertag is datoffeeman

  119. Don’t forget that if you look up high before throwing a grenade you can get a lot more distance on it which really surprises some people who think they are out of range. Particularly good if they are hiding behind a rock.

  120. I dont have Halo 3 but I play with my friends a lot and my tip is get an invisible then slowly walk up to people crouching and whack them… your almost completely invisible.

  121. yo the number 1 most powerful gun is the needler at close range, the needles lock on to the enemy and then explode wen they hit them. charge ur opponent w this gun because it will deffinately get the kill first
    also get the invisibility and crouch w a shotgun. crouching takes u off the radar even wen ur moving and w the invisibility u can walk right up to an opponent and get tht 1 shot kill w the shotty
    overshields are a b**** to fight against so take it at every oppurtunity

  122. Remember, if a flying vehicle is about to smash into a wall, DON’T SKYJACK IT!

  123. I think if you stay back in most slayer games you get more kills and less deaths I mean I get up to 25-30 kills sometimes and pnly die 5-10 times so stay out of sight and get a good close and long range wepon oh and never take both shoty and snipe there for leaveing your team mates with nothing to defend and you loseing both guns to the guy that killed you.

  124. One tip i found useful when coming in for a melle kill is when you and your opponent are closing in on each other, instead of melling them jump over their heads and keep shooting them. They will get confused and will not beable to find u before they are dead.

    Another tip is if you are fireing and you run out of ammo, instead of realoadin switch weapons to save.

    And one more funny tip is that height is the advantage. If your enimie is on the ground, he expacts attacks from the ground. Not some guy jumping down on him with a sword. This has to be one of the funniesst things on xbox live. A random guy jumps down, out of nowhere and takes out a team of 4 with a sword. ]

    Hope my tips help. Ps jumping suck becasue you move in one pattern making ur landing sight predictable:)

  125. hi i do not hav halo 3 but i do play at friends. i have to say thank you to everyone 4 the tips. i do play halo ce on pc so xfire me terminoo

  126. energy sword tip when fighting anyone else with energy press right trigger the b then right trigger again instant kill

  127. new tip if u are fighting a tank and only have plasma grenades jump on top of the tank and throw a plazma right were u see the actual guy it works for me and is very un noob like actually ownage some wold say

  128. Awsome tips. Mabye now I can beat my friend @ halo3 4 once

  129. Awsome tip:
    if you get up close with a rocket lancher always either switcha nd fire with a normal wepon or nuke em with the rocket launcher which will kill you too but its much more awsome

  130. I think the best gun is the regular assault rifle 16 shots is a kill and 6 shots with a fist is a kill and it takes less than i sec to kill them and ur movin around so you dont need to stick or anything thats for medium range.

    close is the mauler or shotgun.

    long is the sniper, beam rifle is an eyesore like the spartan lazer

    aaaaaannnnndddddddd gravity hammer pwns anyone in your way but make sure your close when your fighting or they can just shoot you while you just stand there

    gamertag Skyblade98 add me ;)

  131. ohhhhhhh yeeehhhhhhh scroll up and find tlc this is my reply….

    on capture the flag matches when your team is around you and your about to get the point jump run avoid BECAUSE THEY WILL TRY TO KILL YOU THAT IS THEY’RE GOAL RUN RUN

    add me :D ;)

  132. i think experience and skill is the MOST important thing in halo. Its like someone ambushes me and i grab my sniper and head shot that guy.

    Add me! Grnmpy COG G3AR
    Maybe i suck but i want powerful enemies

  133. also when u sneak up on an enemy make sure u have an energy sword as that will annoy them loads :P

  134. i dont know if this is a cheat but when i was playin doubles on narrows, we were in the middle my partner told me to look at him and he suddenly had an overshield.

    he said just get a bubble shield or something and crouch and walk really really really slowly to the overshield (or invisiblilty) whilst holding RB and u would get it and u can activate it anytime by pressin X.(when someone killed him he dropped the overshield like if u dropped a piece of equipment)

    i tried a few times but never happened to me but i have the video of him doin it so look into my file share.

  135. if ur on a flat surface just aim ur un at head hight and as soon as u see some1 just shoot and tadaaaa! headshot ;)

  136. o yer and mii gamertag is transforma 3 add me;) ;) ;D

  137. Few methods, coming from Halo 1 CE friom solid tteam on Halo 3.

    Think of yopur teams best interest versus your own, because if you do this your winner in the long run.

    Draw Fire- from Sniper in good cover area-Then take down

    Be Patient-Adrenalines flowing-Only Fools Rush In-Done it myself

    Focus-Before game listen to favorite music & envision your self wining while relaxing.

    Spwan Points-Learn Them

    Never Be Perdictable-Alternate your Strafe-Figure 8′s-Side to side Short -Long & Jumps mixed in.

    Learn Maps-As said above learn maps & weapons before playing

    Cover-Throw grenades right before strafing behind cover. Kills from the grave if you think your on the way out throw a grenade. It works as said above.

    Shots-Few to body then head-I get the shields down & fire before being too close, then Nade & Mellee twice is faster response times

    Rest-You can not sit up al night, then play the next day. I did this and played like crap the next day.

    Sniping-According to ping you may need to perdict or shot ahead of your opponets.

    Crouching-Next to large structure does get you off Radar

    Camping-It’s an art form and he best utilize it.

    Sword-Good great weapon-Bad can be used against teams caming near it.

    Baiting-Bait players at areas of weaponsw, OverShield, Invisibility.

    Lifts-Great camping areas as players field of vision is obscured.

    High Ground-Well known players have an advatage on higher ground-Snipers Etc.

    Radar-On CTF stay opposite at structures from enemy and have support to take others out.

    Flag-Drop & Pick Up
    If you have no support to cover your back drop flatg in front of you in a way to were its automatically in your path as you go back after it.

    Belief levels-Be confident & if your angry leave after the match before you do something negative.

    Support Team Mates-Respect them & they will you. Be Mature online I know a youngster that plays in Halo Clan online. He’s 8 and is more mature acting than some online.

    Negativity-Avoid it like the plague.

    Add me on Friends list be glad to play when available

  138. try jumping and taping the crouch button repeatidly while shooting ur opponent…it will make it harder for them to shoot ur head

  139. Hey guys I got live 2 days ago and noticed something about powerful weapons. Take the “Pit” for example, Say you and an enemy player are both running down the hallway with the rocket launcher (which everybody wants) Instead of being the first to get it, stay back a little bit and let him get the rocket launcher (pump him with enough lead to wound him though) and then once he gets the rocket launcher finish him off with a melee. Sounds crazy but once he picks up the rocket launcher and your are close enough to melee him he won`t shoot it because he knows he will also kill himself, so then that gives you a chance to kill him….then take the rocket launcher. Great tips everyone.

    Add me :)

  140. @man Yeah I love doing that, its also a way to break the hatch open, kill the guy (not the tank) and then take the tank for yourself.

  141. this are useful tips but i have a great tip for snow bound go to where the shotgun spawns and then if someone is in the tunnel grenade them and then just br them in there head i got a rampage doing that

  142. a good tip: the assault rifle is a damn good weapon. just run at your enemy, shoot until you’re close, then bash them. it’s a guarunteed kill, and either you’ll kill him or you’ll both kill each other. another tip: run at your enemy with a BR, bash, then jump backwards and get the headshot.

  143. Another good thing to remember when playing in an intense online battle make sure that there is no one or anything around you that could potentially distract you. That’s my biggest thing also you should always keep on moving never stop in just one area that area is a hot spot after about 1 minute of holding it down the enemy team always seems to respond to an area that they can’t take over or pass through and will gang up on you.

  144. Ive been playing halo for a while and found out some things that are very helpful 1. I personally like to stay with a group rather search on my own they could ambush you in an instant. 2. yes grenades are a great help especially when thrown at the right moment and at the right spot 3. Dont be a sore loser its a game and just because some one is new doesnt mean anything in a couple of months playing halo he or she could become your better. 4.don’t over estimate players because of there rank you never know he may be better than you think. 5. dont rush things observe your surroundings. When playing halo you have to remember one major thing there are people who will be better some where dont get over confident ive done that a few times i will admit. Im always on before and after my job add me if you like its TripleDarkfeind

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