Hulk Movie Concerns

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New Hulk Movie Concerns

I’m a little concerned about the lack of advertising about this movie, especially as it is due for release in a month or so. It doesn’t exactly fill me with a lot of confidence, especially when you compare it to the amount of advertising done on the Iron Man movie.

Is it because they knew Iron Man was worth the effort and Hulk isn’t? It certainly makes sense not to waste money on a product that is doomed to fail.

There was also issues with Norton (writer/star) and Marvel having different ideas about the movie. This was later settled with the following outcome:

“What people will see is Marvel’s cut of the movie. This is not the Edward Norton cut by any means. His opinion is their cut is valid because probably it’s going to make a lot of money. And, he recognizes that, if you’re a businessman, that makes sense. But he would have released something a little longer, a little more character driven.”

This could be good or bad. On one hand, Marvel could be editing out the garbage, or they could just be shortening the audeince’s agony. To me though it sounds like they are just chopping it down into something short enough for kids to focus on, seeing the amazing Hulk smash up a few things, just so they can release a Hulk toy and hope they get some sort of merchandise sales.

The trailer also doesn’t help me much. Infact it made me want to do a bit poo and rub it into my eyeballs. It really was that awful.

Anyway… What are your opinions on the (lack of?) events and promotion of this movie? Along with the uninspiring trailer. Do you think it will be atleast better than the last poor attempt?


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  1. I have no opinion on this.

  2. Me neither, is no news bad news?

  3. Well usually if a Marvel film is on the way they plug it to death. You get loads of adverts on TV about the new toys etc. So far though, it’s been pretty silent apart from the little trailer (which has had mixed, yet often negative reactions).

    Maybe they are keeping quiet so as not to distract from the IronMan film? Or maybe they are so ashamed of yet another Hulk movie failure that they are just trying to slip this one under the radar?

    I really hope it doesn’t suck. The Incredible Hulk is one of my most favourite Marvel characters! :(

  4. What they’ve done here is try and not be so serious with the new Hulk film. They tried to make the previous flop an engaging human story but the majority of people going to see it just want to see a huge green man in purple trousers smash stuff up.

    If it was a character-driven lament about the Hulk’s inner struggle then the target audience would feel cheated again.

    As for toys? Why not just re-release the ones they put out for the last film? Would save a few quid.

  5. They got it all wrong. What people wanted is a great Hulk story. I like the whole mentality and psychological struggle thing. What I didn’t like was the fighting big mutant dogs, a crap enemy, and a crap ending.. lol

  6. No, sorry, I’m afraid you’re not the target audience for this film.

    The target audience wants to see a silly film about a man who turns green. In the mainstream, that’s all he is.

  7. Oh, and FYI Norton didn’t write the film: the writing credits are for Zak Penn, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

    Even if you didn’t mean that Norton wrote it, your original article is misleading.

  8. Wow… really? I read in so many places (even Emire magazine) that Edward Norton helped write it!? I will have to re-check this..

  9. Hudders is correct, I read the same just the other day. You’re not the only person to think that Nodd, so don’t feel like the Internet has betrayed you.

    I think it’s impossible to top the TV series, because it was something special. Am I right in thinking that it’s the only sucessful comic book to TV series?

  10. Depends if you include cartoon TV series as well, in which Batman, Spiderman or X-Men might be better.

  11. I wouldn’t include the cartoon series in my comparisons.

  12. So you mean the best “live action” adaptation on TV? :P

    In that case, “The Incredible Hulk” is a tough contender. Did you forget about “The Adventures of Superman” and “Batman”? They were very popular in their day. Eventhough Batman was hideously camp.

    I actually have series 1 of the Hulk live action TV show on DVD. It’s amazing! It features a couple of feature length episodes aswel. You should come round one evening to watch it! (with a couple of beers!) :D

  13. My apologies Hudd..I mean Nodd you pedantic bastard!

    I used to watch The Adventures of Superman, and I enjoyed it but let’s be real here; it was crap. It’s just one of those things you watch because there’s nothing else to do when you’re young apart from get in trouble with police and that’s something I didn’t want to do anymore…and the Batman series is just plain ridiculous TV.

    Yeah beer and hulk sounds great :D and hulk sounds familiar also

  14. New Adventures of Superman.


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