If Jim Carrey was “The Joker”…

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Jim Carrey as the Joker

Lately I have been messing about with Adobe Photoshop (although, merely just Photoshop Elements 2.0). As I was browsing the forum today, I came across an image of Gordon Brown as the Joker. This reminded me of a past idea I’d had of Jim Carrey playing as The Joker in The Dark Knight, and inspired me to finally create the image above.

The original image itself was this:

Jim Carrey

I am still VERY new to photo manipulation, so someone with a deeper understanding of Photoshop will most likely be able to come up with something better. My image was done purely by using liquify techniques, and adjusting the hue/saturation of multiple layers.

This is by no means done disrespectfully towards the late Heath Ledger, I am sure he will do an excellent job of being The Joker in the new Batman movie. I just thought I would try this partly as an experiment (I will go on to photoshopping myself next) and as I had Jim Carrey in mind (favourably) before the role of The Joker was publicly announced for The Dark Knight.


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  1. He could be the joker in the next movie!

  2. He could be. My photoshopped image above shows that he could look similar enough to Heath Ledger in order to carry it off.

    However, I’m not sure if they will feature the Joker again, possibly even as a mark of respect ot the late Heath. In a way it’s a bit of a shame really, there is so much that can be done with such an awesome villain. There is loads of potential for numerous storylines/plots.

  3. I was wondering how you do this photo mixer as i have Abobe 3.2 Photoshop?
    Also, Jim Carrey would be gr8 as a comedy joker but could he pull off scary. I dont think so. Heath Ledger was more funny aswell. This is very clever well done.

  4. I doubt they would cast Jim carey though due to the fact he was the riddler in the “camper” batman films
    I recon he could have done it will mind but not as good as heath

  5. That image was excellently done, I’m not much of a photostop master, but I thought that was a legit image above.


  6. Thanks for your kind comments :)

    Jamie – I used Photoshop Elements 2.0 to create the image. Much cheaper than the full Adobe Photoshop. (although elements 5.0 is out now i think.. or 6.0?).

    Jay – I’m not sure what they will do. Heath signed up for a 2 film contract, meaning there could be more of him? (i havent seen the film yet. going tonight!). The image above shows how Jim can look kinda similar

    Mike – Thankyou :)

  7. This photo of jim as the joker is amazing but the problem is could he imitate heath. But i think he is a good candidate for the joker, i though jim was heath

  8. you do have a point there. i do think we have found a close second to the mighty heath ledger.

  9. well DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is amazing…
    it looks like a professional did it.. :D GREAT JOB :D

  10. They’ll never pick another actor to make the Joker, i bet my life that he will not appear on the next movie.

  11. jim carrey wouldn’t do a good job as the joker. heath ledger was the best at joker in dark knight. no one would pull it off like heath ledger did. to bad heath ledger died of drugs that his doctor gave him. he was only 28 :( . i like jim carrey but he wouldn’t do a good job as the joker. jack Nicholson and heath ledger are the best jokers. ever


  13. well i think that if he is in the next batman movie it would be so funny haha

  14. hey, can you photoshop a pic of me to look like the new joker?
    i wanna do something with him for halloween but i dunno if it will look good

  15. Hey really really nice work done……………………..
    i also think that Jim can be the next joker……and guyz 1 more thing…..u Forgot that this is Hollywood….they can bring better than Heath Ledger…………….But on the other side Heath was Awesome……..he was just amazing……….i cannot see any other men playing the part of joker……But we should always look forward for the new………………….
    and Sirr i really LOVED your editing……………….

  16. hi there i love jim movies they are so fanny ou and that image up is very amazing I LOVE JIM MOVIES :D :D:D:D :P :P:P


  18. i like that

  19. Heath made an impact with this role. No one can replace him, end of story. Nice skills on PS, btw. As much as I love Carrey, he’s much more better as The Riddler.

  20. i think johnny depp could do a great work as joker!

  21. the idea of Carey as the joker is not so bad. I’ve been a fan of him since my favorite movie, The Mask. Johnny Depp also sounds quite good for the role. However there is a problem, the director said he would no longer film Batman with any character as the Joker in respect to Heath.

  22. wow! you got skittles! (skills)

  23. someone email this picture to the producers of dark knight !!

    I refuse to the 3rd secuel because Ledger just decided to die on me like that!

  24. Nice Work

  25. I think he will be great for the joker if they want to make the joker reappear i the sequel of the darknight. It would him even better do the joker than the riddler in batman forever don’t get me wrong he did a nice job but the riddler ain’t a funny person is more like a psychology person well that why they all him the riddler. when i saw his performer’s I thought he would be great for the joker not the riddler and with that photo now i want him to be the joker not Johnny Deep cause some people say that Jonnny may be the next Joker

  26. jim carrey won’t get the part because he is only good at comedy stuff. he has tried the joker but heath got the character. good picture. heath ledger joker is a legend now. they can play the role but not as good as heath and jack was. jack could be good as heath. jack should be the next joker. like the picture. well done.

  27. johnny depp would not make a good joker in my opinion. Heath Ledger did an amazing job and he will be missed

  28. i think the next move will hurt everyone and everything… it’s a very delicated situation. in the case of not choosing another actor to play the role of joker, in respect do heathcliff ledger, the story will be damaged. in the case of choose another actor, in order to continue the natural or habitual story, there’s two possibilities… or the actor do a new joker, his joker… or he do the heath’s joker… in the first situation a new joker will damage the story… in the second and ultimate option an imitation of joker… would be the most hard thing to do… even knowing that the actor don’t have to create nothing, just follow the idea that heath ledger had, the fact of the actor couldn’t create a new ideia… atrophy what’s possibly the most fun character to play, and the actor would have to do two persons… joker and heath… and even knowing that the actor was doing the most hard thing to do he would be severely criticized, and acused of imitation, and that would be true… but it will be seen as an easy work, but in fact was a trully hard work! can you imagine yourself to acquire the posture, the voice, and all the expressions of heath’s joker? and this won’t be good enough, cause you had to be looked like heath. thank you, and sorry for my bad english. i’m portuguese.

  29. hes got it for real down pat

  30. He looks so old!!!! I don’t remember him being so…wrinkly

  31. that is awesome and yeh he would be a great ‘Joker’

    but i have to say Heath gave off an absolute genius portrale of the character that really was some great acting.

    such a sad loss.

  32. Its nice , you gave me a good ideea of who should be the next joker in the Batman series .
    I took youre original Jim Carrey photo and i tryed to modify it through photoshop .
    I think it turned out nice .

  33. jim carey can reprise his role as the riddler… thou he should play it more eerie and dark and make him a really bad man and not make him wear that green skin tight trousers……jhonny depp would make a good riddler too

    nice photo manipulation you did man!

  34. Those are some mad photochop skillz there dude.

    Much respect.

  35. I don’t think Jim would be able to play the role of Joker. Jims just to….. funny to. But I heard that Jonny Depp is going to play the Riddler in the next Batman after the Dark Night. It’s to bad Heath died though, he was my favorite Joker. X P

  36. I don’t think Jim would be able to play the role of Joker. Jims just to….. funny to. But I heard that Jonny Depp is going to play the Riddler in the next Batman after the Dark Night. It’s to bad Heath died though, he was my favorite Joker. “cry” “cry” X P Nicholsion did a eng ok job but heath was better by A LOT!

  37. He would make a brilliant Joker, but alas he’s already appeared in a batman film…. as The Riddler
    He was pretty good at it but he’d be soo much better at the joker.

  38. jim carrey could NOt pull of the joker. he would be scary but itd be like a funny scary. heath ledger pulled it off. he really got into it. carrey could do it, just not as well.

  39. I have always said…ever since the riddler…he shoulda been the joker…ledger was good…but he was too demented and not manic enough…however jim carrey would have the laughe..the look….the grin…and the physique to play a more “over-the-brink of deadly insanity” joker.

  40. I’m not sure he would get by… I think he shouldn’t be the joker anyway… Ledger was great in this role and I think nobody, really nobody can come up his joker, because Heath Ledger is the real icon of the joker and he will be missed… I think next part of the batman won’t be good if there will be any joker, because joker it’s Heath… his smile, face, voice, laugh, character… Noone can equal to him…
    (Between,really sorry for my bad english, I’m from Poland)

  41. johnny depp could be the joker and the riddler i think he would be a bedder joker same body and hair and he has a younger body for bein older jim carry cant be scary lol good pic tho any 1 kno when they r gonna bring robin onto play tho? my ide of a new movi johnny depp = the joker megan fox = cat women and the same cast and i cried when the dark knight heath ledger was my fav acter

  42. i don’t think jim carrey could do it because he has adhd. he is too hyper and not only that he looks to old to be heath joker. johnny depp could come close to heath. i think johnny depp could do just as dark as heath or even gary oldman. next the joker in a movie they should get someone who is used to playing dark characters. jim carrey is more of a funny guy. i think christian bale could come close. i can’t really picture jim carrey playing like heath did. there is a comic book that a squeal to the dark knight. the joker personality change to madness. also you go tto think the joker can also effect him. jack nicholson had to take pills because of the joker and he plays insane joker. he even warned heath what it could do. its like the role of the joker is cursed.
    christian bale- american physco
    johnny depp- sweeney todd
    gary oldman- Mason Verger
    jack nicholson – joker and the shinning
    till lindemann- forgot what villain he was. i know he is a singer but he has played in a movie.

  43. and anthany hopkins can probably good too. he played hannibal lecture

  44. Jim Carrey is the best actor to do the Joker. Forget the other batman movies cause the new ones are the ones that you are suppose to watch. The ones with Michael Keaton are good too but these new ones are where the story is coming from now. Johnny Depp would get critized a lot for being the Joke but he is a very good actor. I think that with the director that they have now could make the movie with Jim Carrey just as well as he did with Heath and Jim does not need to copy him because he has his own creative ways. Just look at the Mask. Imagine more of that but now with insanity and you got the perfect Joker.

  45. This is my attempt in making Jim Carrey into The Joker

  46. Nice image. I always wondered how Jim would do in playing the joker, I would always think that he would do good. I just feel that he would not be able to pull off the psycotic joker that Heath did. From whatching Batman Forever, Jim Carrey would play a joker that is more like the Mark Hamill joker. But even that would be great.

  47. [...] work reported and deleted purely because it was based on popular characters (such as my version of Jim Carrey as the Joker). With my own website I can pretty much publish whatever I want (although I don’t intend to [...]

  48. jim will never play joker because its just not his part and hes played the riddler before which is a much better role for him

  49. Jim Carrey has already the riddler. on top of that he went to the try outs for being the green goblin from spider man. if you go on youtube look up Jim Carrey as Carnage, you’ll see some videos.

    i’m not saying he’d be bad at it(because i’d really love to see him pull it off) but the odds are low with heath’s death and the whole Carnage thing.

  50. how did you do that?. to put a mask of joker to another image? those people know to do this, please teach me how to do that..

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