Man Finds Woman Living in Closet

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woman found in wardrobe

Puzzled by food mysteriously disappearing from his refridgerator while he was out at work, a 57-year-old Japanese man from Fukuoka installed a security camera in his home. Reviewing the footage, he was shocked to see someone walking around and called the police in to investigate.

58-year-old Tatsuko Horikawa was discovered in a flat storage space only just big enough for a person to squeeze into lying down. She had sneaked a mattress and several plastic bottles into the closet and appears to have been living there, undetected, for months.

It is unclear how she managed to enter the home without being noticed. Police suspect she may have been “closet-hopping”, moving from house to house perhaps for years.


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  1. “No son, there isn’t an old Chinese lady hiding in the closet” – Dad

  2. Sounds like something from R (R I a Paedophile?) Kelly’s HipHopera.

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