Man Hid Castle Behind Giant Bales of Hay

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Robert Fidler’s Castle Hidden By Hay BalesThat’s right, how else do you try and get past building regulations and planning permission?

Robert Fidler wanted to build himself a mock-Tudor castle, so he did, behind a 40ft stack of hay bales covered by huge tarpaulins. Once finished, he and his family moved there for four years before revealing it to the public in August 2006.

“Mr Fidler claims that because the building has been there for four years with no objections, it is no longer illegal.”

“After building the castle on the site of two grain silos at a cost of £50,000, he and his wife Linda went to extraordinary lengths to keep it secret. That included keeping their son Harry, now seven, away from playschool the day he was supposed to do a painting of his home in class.”

Oddly, Mrs Fidler stated that “We couldn’t have him drawing a big blue haystack – people might asked questions”.

Robert Fidler’s Castle Revealed

Mr Fidler, who has five children from a previous marriage, said: “We moved into the house on Harry’s first birthday, so he grew up looking at straw out of the windows.

“We thought it would be a boring view but birds nested there and feasted on the worms. We had several families of robins and even a duck made a nest and hatched 13 ducklings on top of the bales.”

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  2. That’s cheered my day up. What a class way to stick your fingers up at an already (renowned for being) grumpy institution called the planning office.


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