McDonalds to Offer McDiplomas

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McDonalds to Offer McDiplomasFast food giant, Maccy D’s has been granted permission by the government of these here sceptred isles to give out diplomas that carry the same weight as GCSEs and A-Levels to their staff. In theory, this will mean that McDonalds staff will be able to work towards nationally-recognised certificates in such fields as health and safety, food hygeine and customer service. In reality it will mean nothing, since anybody with “McDonalds U” on their CV is going to get chucked on the “thanks, but no” pile.

I’m afraid to say that the old prejudices still rule these days; people are still turned away from prospective employers because of the school they went to and certain stigmas do still stick to certain professions. It’s one thing to have worked for McDonalds, but it’s quite another to get your qualifications from there.

Maybe should do qualifications? You could earn your Message Board Posting BA(hons) after 50,000 posts maybe? Definitely something to look into.

More info: here.


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  1. lol at “Message Board Posting BA(hons)” hahaha! + who gave you my graduation photo Hudders? :P

  2. Does look like you…

  3. Do you think that an employer would sneer at a management diploma from a multinational company displaying competence with staff and work environment greater than many who run their own business?

    Do you think that they would reject it over…say…a 2:1 degree in Media and Surf Studies? I know what I look for when I read CV’s and I would find it in a McDiploma over many of the ways that school leavers choose to waste their time.

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