Mighty Boosh Movie Imminent

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Fresh from winning Sexiest Male at the NME awards, Noel Fielding revealed that not only a fourth series on its way, but also a Mighty Boosh movie!



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  1. lol he is so chilled out and random it’s great!
    + I’m not too sure how good a movie will be, as the cheap tv effects are part of what makes it. I’m in two minds about it really. Part of me thinks the Mighty Boosh suits a small episodic time frame, keeping each story small and unique. Whereas the other part of me thoroughly enjoyed the live performance which was longer, so maybe they could pull it off?

  2. Did you see him and Mike Fielding on Harry Hill last week?

    Naboo with a beard?? Bizarre.

  3. No!? *searches on youtube!!*

  4. They were only in it for a couple of seconds, saying “ear catteracts??” with a load of other people off of the telly.

  5. lol ok.. randomly awesome, but i wont bother searching for it.

  6. Yeah Nole is awesome, so are the Boosh!

    A movie could be interresting, depends how they do it.

  7. I love the Boosh. I love them with my lady lumps…

    Sorry, I went of on one… Do you wanna come see them Nodde and Hudders? I’m thinking of going to see them in Nottingham on the 8th Nov (£27.50)…

    What do you think?

    I remember when I saw them last year in Peterborough. My God what a gig. It’s where my nickname came from! (Minty John)

  8. I’d love to see them. Shame the London tickets are all sold out. Is Nottingham really the nearest one available? aghk!

  9. Congratulations to Noel. Is he really sexy? I find him thin:)

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