My First Webcomic

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This is my very first attempt at a webcomic/3 panel comic strip! It’s a little rough around the edges, and took a little longer than expected, but I guess I will improve as I get more used to using the software and graphics tablet (this is my 3rd time using it).

It’s entitled: Family

Noddegamra Webcomic - Family

What do you think?


15 Responses to “My First Webcomic”

  1. Ha! Funny :D and the drawings are nice.

  2. Lookin’ good Mr Nodd… :D

    …bit scary though, ‘elimination’ sounds very Hitler-esque…I think I detect a theme here…?

    Ps Nosh Nosh Nosh!

  3. Wunderbaaaa! Really good man, getting more evil in each image…

  4. Good stuff! Yep it’ll definitely get easier – my first ones took me ages. You do it all on the computer or sketch it first?

  5. Blah!!!! Cant see it :0(

  6. Hi Mike, thanks for dropping by! :)

    I draw it all using a USB graphics tablet, just straight on. It would be a lot easier if I could scan in drawings, I find it a LOT easier drawing on paper.

  7. Can’t see it either, just getting that devilish little red cross

  8. It’s odd you can’t see it. The image is a GIF. You could maybe try refreshing the page? Other than that, right click on the red-cross box and select “view image” ?

  9. yeah still nothing, none of the pics on your page are working though

  10. Love it! Put it up at home straight away!

  11. Good first strip. Keep it up!

  12. Lol, it’s great! Good work!

  13. @Pope Terry – It may be due to your firewall settings. Where are you accessing the site from? Also, what web browser are you using?

    Also, it could be because you are accessing the site through a proxy. This site is setup to disallow hotlinking images, so the RSS feed (in feed readers) and proxy sites also won’t show the images. This was done to preserve bandwidth (I seriously need dedicated hosting. lol).

  14. needs a next button :P

  15. lol, I actually need to finish my next cartoon first! :P

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