New Batman Dark Knight Trailer!

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New Batman Dark Knight Trailer December 2007

It’s finally here! The new Batman: Dark Knight movie trailer.

Is it awesome? Is the new Joker amazing? Click here to see for yourself.

Seen it? Are you back? Good! – So what do you think?

Personally I think it’s absolutely amazing! I really can’t wait for it’s release in summer 2008. I’m not sure if I can even wait that long! Regualr visitors of this site will already know of the constant coverage of this great upcoming film and my concerns over the actor choice for the Joker. Whilst this trailer doesn’t put me behind him 100% (c’mon, leave out the Brokeback Mountain jokes) I am now a lot more positive about the whole thing. I am now looking forward to the film more than worrying about how the Joker is portrayed.

Thanks to Yali for posting the original link on the forum.

I have also added this YouTube version for those who just prefer that sort of thing. lol

Batman Dark Knight Trailer – December 2007


So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming movie? :)


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