New Look for 2008!

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Noddegamra Update January 2008As you can clearly see, I have finally got round to uploading the new template! So, what do you think? This january update isn’t purely aesthetic though, you can also look forward to some other changes too.

Firstly, regular visitors of the forum will be pleased to know that Hudders has now joined me in providing content for the site. Not only will this mean a fresh perspective to articles, it also means they will be appearing more regularly!

This is all due to the new concept of Noddegamra being a place not only displaying funny stuff from around the web, but we will be hosting our own unique/exclusive webcomics, articles and flash animations.

If you wish to join the team yourself by becoming an author/contributor please feel free to contact me on the forum.

If you have any feedback I will be more than happy to recieve it, please post your comments below. Whilst this is the initial release of the new look, that doesn’t mean I won’t be tweaking a few things to improve the website experience and usability.


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  1. Glad to be on the team, boss.

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