Nintendo: You Are An Idiot

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Nintendo WiFi pay and playDuring a GDC presentation yesterday, Takashi Aoyama announced Nintendo’s new online service: “Pay & Play”. He explained that Nintendo will begin “collecting fees for some services [that] will allow us to adapt flexibly”.


Here’s the thing Nintendo: I like your games. I really do. But your online service sucks balls. It’s really a poor excuse for a service and I don’t see how making it worse is going to benefit you one iota. Who wants to pay to play games online? Or for “additional content”? I certainly don’t. I miss the days when you bought a game, paid your money, and that was that.

Please, Nintendo, won’t you listen to your fans and overhaul your online system? Some people might be happy to pay, but not for the dismal piece of crap you’re peddling right now.

In a way I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re notifying people on the game box, (by way of a new red wifi logo), that they’ll have to pay for some content. This eliminates the surprise and anger that consumers would inevitably feel if they suddenly discovered they had to pay further down the line.

But why make your users pay at all? At the moment, that’s all your online system’s got going for it – the fact that it’s free. That’s it. In all other aspects, XBOX Live is better.

There. I said it.


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  1. Wow Hudders, I’d never have thought they would move in this direction. What are they doing? Nintendo are a family/fun focussed company, not nickle-and-dimers like Micro$oft!

  2. When all is said and done, Nintendo are still a business, I guess. They have to make money, (and BOY have they made money!).

    My hope is that the only things that will use this new pay-for-play service is MMORPGs where, to be honest, it actually makes sense since new content is delivered regularly.

  3. Nodde, sorry to be finnicky, but you had a miss-pronunciation…

    It’s actually Microshit.

  4. Oi!

  5. Yes, Nodde, you made a bu-bu. *tut-tut*

    Hope the bum cake is as tasty as it sounds!

  6. LOL @ Bill Gates.

    Billy boy doesn’t run Microsoft anymore though, he’s gone off to play with people who’ve got the AIDS.

  7. “In all other aspects, XBOX Live is better.”

    Yet more proof that you guys are getting dirty filthy wadges of cash from microshaft. :P

  8. Strange, I thought the Gates was into Malaria.

  9. I agree. Or maybe they need more funds for better gaming research.

  10. “I agree. Or maybe they need more funds for better gaming research.”

    - LOL What?

    Nintendo themselves consistantly produce the best games for their consoles. Take a look at sales charts / meta-scores for Nintendo published games some time, (Ocarina of Time, Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brothers…). What lets Nintendo down is the poor third party support which dribbles out complete shovelwear much of the time and unfairly makes Nintendo look bad.

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