Noddegamra Competition Winner #1

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Congratulations to Hudders for winning the recent forum competition!

This marks the first of many competitions (with prizes) that we will carry out in the new year! I’m also trying to think of a great one for this christmas, check back for more info!

Also, Hudders made this informative video of the prizes he recieved

Noddegamra Competition Prizes


If you would like to keep up-to-date with Noddegamra Competitions, or even participate in them, please sign up to the forum (free to register)!


4 Responses to “Noddegamra Competition Winner #1”

  1. Not to argue with you, but there have been competitions with prizes on noddegamra before.

  2. “You’re not going to see my face, so don’t worry about that”

  3. I want that prize!!!!

  4. I like how, at the end, it’s like he’s hanging up on the phone.

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