Noddegamra is Evolving

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It’s taken a lot of time and effort to try and bring some sort of focus to the Noddegamra website. As something that just started out as a bit of fun and a way to communicate with friends, time has definitely brought about a need for change. With the community thinning out a bit due to other competitive sites (such as facebook, cracked, digg, etc) there has been a real need to find something unique in order to offer something fresh here. The main focus of Noddegamra now is on creativity as well as the community.

For the front-end website/blog I intend to use it as a way to showcase my own animations, artwork, and other “experiments”. In doing so, I hope to spark the interest of the Noddegamra community and display some of their own great talents. I have my fingers crossed that this will also encourage new visitors to join us and share their own work, tips, and tricks.

So far this all sounds a bit serious, but don’t worry! I fully intend to keep the forum a humorous¬† and relaxed area to discuss everything from a doodle you have just drawn, to the funniest egg-headed weirdo you have ever seen! Infact, everything about the forum will stay as it is. I am only changing the website/blog in order to inspire creativity and hopefully rebuild the community up to stronger levels.

I am aiming for quality of quantity here, and exclusive content from myself and the Noddegamra community. I am sure that there may be a question or two about the changes, so if you have anything you would like to ask please do so in the comments below.


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