Noddegamra is Hungry…

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This has been my first doodle in a while. I spent quite a lot of time today experimenting with different art and colouring styles. In the end what I have uploaded here is quite basic, but I hope to add some more images once I’ve finished the colouring stage of each picture.

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7 Responses to “Noddegamra is Hungry…”

  1. I like it, its got a lot of character :D

  2. I think it’s cool :)

    Poor, little cute unsuspecting yellow thing…

  3. Looks like Pikachu’s had his face eaten off. What tools did you use to do this? That’s an excellent red

  4. Cool.

    You should do a followup piece about the kind of society the yellow flower-picking things have and the devastation that the noddegamra leaves in its wake.

    Ironically, the yellow flower-picking things play havoc with the ecosystem and by systematically hunting down their natural predator, (the noddegamra), we are helping to destroy a unique habitat through over-population of yellow flower-picking things. Who are the *real* monsters here?

  5. Thankyou :)
    I used a pencil, paper, scanner and photoshop.
    The red was picked at random. I tried a few methods of colouring in, but was quite pleased with this overall look in the end.

    EDIT: Hahaha! Nice suggestions Hudders :)

  6. Ah I see, I wasn’t sure if the colour was painted with paint, but it’s photoshop.

  7. Ah, the power of photoshop :-)
    I did colour it all in by hand though. So that’s sort of not cheating..?

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