Oliver Twist vs Jabba the Hutt

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request-a-doodle-01-introThis week I have been trying to promote a new feature on the site called Request a Doodle. This feature required people to post their ideas on the Noddegamra forum and for me to draw my interpretation of it this weekend.

The idea itself could be anything, encouraging members to really stretch their imagination in an attempt to be creative and offer me a challenge. One member in particular managed to go a bit beyond what I could accomplish in a single weekend, but his idea has inspired a future project.

With many great ideas it was tricky to pick just one. The request I finally settled on was:

“Oliver Twist fighting off Jabba The Hutt with a breadstick and a jar of Nutella.”

The finished result is below:

Oliver Twist vs Jabba the Hutt


Requested by P2TheW

I think this feature went quite well. Well enough to try it again some time in the future.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below  :)


5 Responses to “Oliver Twist vs Jabba the Hutt”

  1. Lol you managed to pull that off really well :D

    I love the expresions, nice work! hahaha

  2. Very good. Could have almost been Oliver Twist fends off Jabba the Hutt with a shitty stick…

  3. Poor Jabba. He looks more like he’s being violently set-upon than being fought off.

  4. Well, I think Jabba deserves everything he gets after what he did to Han Solo!!

    Twist oughta shove that bread stick where the Tatooine suns don’t shine!!

    Ps. It’s awesome :D

  5. lol @ the nutella… love ur site. very funny pic!

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