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Batman Comic Strip - Pencils at Dawn

Pencils at Dawn is a great webcomic by “Mike” and “Phil”.

The idea behind the website/blog is for a random word to be chosen, they both draw a comic based on it, and somehow they turn it into profit. It’s a little bit like the “Underpants Gnomes” from South Park.

[In the gnome's cave]
Gnome 1: This is where all our work is done.
Kyle: So what are you gonna do with all these underpants you steal?
Gnome 1: Collecting underpants is just phase one. Phase one: collect underpants.
Kyle: So what’s phase two?
Gnome 1: Hey, what’s phase two?!
Gnome 2: Phase one: we collect underpants.
Gnome 1: Ya, ya, ya. But what about phase two?
Gnome 2: Well, phase three is profit. Get it?
Stan: I don’t get it.
Gnome 2: (Goes over to a chart on the wall) You see, Phase one: collect underpants, phase two-
Gnome 2: Phase three: profit.
Cartman: Oh I get it.
Stan: No you don’t.
Kyle: Do you guys know anything about corporations?
Gnome 2: You bet we do.
Gnome 1: Us gnomes are geniuses at corporations.

Errr, yes, anyway…

These comics are great! The ideas are constantly fresh and unique, presented with a fantastic understanding of comic timing; how to present the punchline and when.

Biology - web comic strip

I really am a great fan of these two guys and I strongly recommend you visit their sites/blogs


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