Planet of the Apes – The Musical

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Here is a classic clip from The Simpsons called Stop the planet of the Apes, I want to get off” featuring Troy McClure. It was part of an episode where Troy McClure receives a big break in a downmarket musical version of the planet of the apes, after going through a few career troubles and dating Marge’s Sister Selma.

This is probably one of my favourite moments in The Simpsons. I laughed so hard when I first saw it on TV (quite a few years ago now).

The Simpsons – Planet of the Apes Musical



2 Responses to “Planet of the Apes – The Musical”

  1. Not a fan of the Simsons so can I pass?

  2. Why not? Simspons is one of the greatest things ever to grace our televisions?

    It has had its bad moments, but there are more than a few classics!

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