Rocky 1-6 in 5 seconds

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I had this video on the old site. Unfortunately the video was taken offline (twice!) and was still unavailable when I updated the site to its current state.

So, here once again is the fantastic summarised version of Rocky 1 to 6 in 5 seconds. Enjoy!

Rocky Summarised in 5 Seconds



3 Responses to “Rocky 1-6 in 5 seconds”

  1. That is clever. lol By the way did your blog turn into a video blog?

  2. This blog isn’t purely a video blog, but I do like to put a lot of good YouTube findings on here. With so much clutter on there, I like to try and filter out the good stuff and post it here :)

    There is loads more, check out the archive or categories :)

  3. Sadly, that did quite a good job of summing it all up… =)

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