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scarecrow smallThis evening I spent some time drawing again. My chosen “subject” was Scarecrow from the Batman universe. I’ve always been a huge fan of Batman (particularly the Joker), but have never really attempted to draw this villain before.

I started off sketching him on paper and then scanning it in. I must admit it was a bit of a rushed job, with no pencilling and proper shading. I will try to spend a bit more time on my next drawing working more on proportions, shading, and doing more than just a head.

Once scanned in, I made a few layers for the colours and overlaid the black outline on top to allow me to work more freely. I also tried adding a little bit of texture to the image.

I was actually very indecisive about how I coloured and textured Scarecrow, so please check out the other variations (and larger image) after the break and let me know which one you prefer.

1. Scarecrow Final (Large)

Scarecrow Final Version Large

2. Scarecrow without textured hood

Scarecrow without textured hood

3. Scarecrow with no texture effects

Scarecrow with no texture

Obviously, Scarecrow is © DC Comics.


3 Responses to “Scarecrow”

  1. YES! This is great! :D

    Now this has got me thinking, how about something a bit bigger in scope? Maybe like a confrontation between Batman and the Joker or something? Sorry im getting carried away, just keep doing your own thing lol :)

  2. It’s bloody awesome, especially considering that the whole thing from start to finish only took about 20 minutes! Nodd, you’re an au..I mean artistic genius :D

  3. Thankyou. Both of you :)

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