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As you may have realised, there have been few updates this year (and over the Christmas period). Obviously Christmas is a busy period, so I have little time to come online (that I do get I try to spend talking on the forum).

But what about now? It’s January?

So why the lack of regular and numerous blog posts this month? Well, I have been working hard on the site “behind the scenes”. Most of my spare time has been spent on creating a new template from scratch. I’ve tried to go for something that is more helpful and usable for new and returning visitors such as clear links (and information) to areas of the site such as archives and the forum. I’ve also made it clearer how to make use of the RSS feed.

I’ve tried giving the upcoming template a cleaner look, also making it wider to cater for web-comic strips and flash animations which I plan to create exclusively for this site (also posting ones created by forum members and site visitors). The dropdown menu will also return to help get to important areas of the site.

As for the content, I aim to add more unique articles. I will have to see how this goes at first, creating a unique web-comic every week may be quite tricky, or it might get easier after I’ve done a few, I will have to wait and see. The main thing is I want to try and make Noddegamra unique in content to other sites. That being said, I will still post interesting things I find around the web like great movie trailers, photography and Batman/Joker related stuff. lol ;)

Your Thoughts? 

What are your thoughts on the proposed content and template changes? What do you enjoy about Noddegamra and what would you like to see in the future?

Please leave your comments and I will try and include your ideas and suggestions in the update :)


4 Responses to “Slow Updates”

  1. Don’t do it all yourself.

    Mix it up by having two or three contributors, able to post blog entries.

    This would make it:

    a) more interesting
    b) have more frequent updates.

  2. I would love this!
    A great suggestion hudders that I have been thinking about for ages. I’m sure I’ve mentionned it on the forum in the past but I didn’t really get a response/reply.

    If you or/and any anyone else is interested in contributing to the blog content please let me know.

    1-3 authors would be ideal :)

  3. I’d just assumed there’d not been much in the way of xbox releases?

  4. lol you cheeky monkey! :P

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