Strange Things Caught While Fishing

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Two Headed Fish

Wondering what this is? This two-headed pike was caught in the Missouri River, North Dakota. It’s part of Ten of the Strangest Things Caught While Fishing. Click here to see the article in full.


5 Responses to “Strange Things Caught While Fishing”

  1. Technically speaking that looks like a two bodied Pike to me!

  2. Stop picking holes in his post, it makes him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

    …he gets all smelly and whinges a lot.

  3. lol your right! That will teach me for being half asleep whilst posting! Haha!

    It’s like a siamese-twin-pike. Or something like that. Okay, I will go with two-bodied. I will accept that. If I edit the post though people will be wondering what the hell our comments are about though. So for now I’ll leave it with the silly error. Weee!

  4. Geez I was wondering what the heck that thing was.

    P does this thing look like Noddegamra when he’s angry?

  5. very strange & nice web good done

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