The Making of “The Green Blob”

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green_blob_claymationAfter recently posting my Green Blob Claymation video on this site, the forum, and my facebook page, I have received some great feedback. One of the common questions I received was how did I make the video. Rather than post a lengthy reply to numerous people, I thought I’d post up an article here on how I made “The Green Blob” animation.

In order to make my stop-motion animation I used the following items:

  • A digital camera (although you can use a webcam)
  • A tripod
  • Windows Movie Maker (free with Vista)
  • White Card
  • A paperclip
  • Plasticine (I bought a big box from Toys R Us for £9.99, although they also do packets for about £1 each)
  • A desk light/lamp