Request a Doodle!

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request-a-doodle-01This weekend I will by trying something new; to doodle something from your imagination!

It’s a bit of fun experimentation for me really. Some people who claim they cannot draw often come up with ideas and sketches that have a lot of potential. One friend I have who thinks he cannot draw has a really great cartoon style that I really like. I remember him drawing a couple of things in MS Paint which I thought were full of character, but he just couldn’t see it.

So, now is his chance (and yours) to work with your imaginations and come up with an idea of something you’d like to see. It can be funny, dark, surreal, cartoony, anything you like! Do your best to describe your thoughts and I will do my best to draw (and possibly photoshop) it. All you need to do is submit your ideas here, and I will try and create something this weekend.

Request a Doodle:

Noddegamra Competition Winner #1

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Congratulations to Hudders for winning the recent forum competition!

This marks the first of many competitions (with prizes) that we will carry out in the new year! I’m also trying to think of a great one for this christmas, check back for more info!

Also, Hudders made this informative video of the prizes he recieved

Noddegamra Competition Prizes


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