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Bored Noddegamra Flash MovieAnother week, another flash animation. This one really was created one day when I was very, very bored. I think I had been ill, the sort of ill where you get really restless yet feel like doing nothing. I probably even felt a little bit like they guy in this flash movie. lol.

So yes, here is to another immature adventure. There will be many more “classics” soon.

The Crocodile Dance

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Crocodile Dance Flash MovieIn my youth I experimented a lot with Macromedia Flash. A great piece of software which enabled me to create stupid animations and publish them online, much like the one you are about to see.

This animation was created about 3 to 4 years ago and hosted on a previous version of the Noddegamra website. Now, due to popular demand I have decided to publish them once more and possibly add many new (and improved) flash movies in the future.

If you are as immature as I was then, I really hope you enjoy this spontaneous, animated nonsense.

Learn your ABCs

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A is for Aaaaaahhhrrrrrr!!!!

This is a great old flash movie that I had trouble finding again. It seems like all of the old links/versions of it don’t work anymore, or atleast in the latest version of Flash player. It is hillarious! One of the funniest flash movies I have ever seen. Great work here by threebrain. Enjoy!