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Hudders Comic 2

First Post! Woo!

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Hi everybody. It’s me, Hudders! I bet you thought you’d never see the day that I was back in a position of power here at Noddegamra Towers, but here I am! Standing tall and stuffing blog posts down your neck like so much pâté and fois gras!

My aim is to bring something different to the blog. I’d like to say that I could inject a modicum of sophistication into the proceedings but I’m afraid that would probably be a lie.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my contributions. Maybe I can egg Nodd into a competition of out-doing each other? The site would certainly benefit.

Anyway. One of the other things that I will be bringing to the site on a fairly regular basis is a new series of comics I have been hard at work designing for the past few months! I’m going to attempt a weekly schedule at first and then see how that goes. I’m currently using the GIMP for my drawing which is good because it is free and also awesome.

Enjoy the first instalment, which I have made to commemorate my editor-hood:

Hudders Comic 1