The Joker – Empire Magazine Leaked Image

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Empire Magazine Revealing New Image of The Joker

This is an image from the January 2008 Empire Magazine which has been leaked out early thanks to the Internet! lol

As you can see, the Joker is looking quite mean (and VERY cool).

The Joker Revealed Empire Magazine Cover

Thanks to a “tip-off” from my great friend iguanapunk, who has enabled me to keep up-to-date with the current events of this potentially amazing movie!

What are all your thoughts on this latest image of the Joker? :)


5 Responses to “The Joker – Empire Magazine Leaked Image”

  1. Yeah good old ipunk :)

    As for the image, looks good. Its more like the joker than the first image they realeased, but I will reserve judgment till I see more!

  2. That’s not real.

    Empire would never print “” on their front cover!

  3. Hahaha, I did that as my image was provided as a sort of mirror. I didn’t want people just hotlinking me ;)

  4. Hudders is right, They will not print any link on their front cover, It is funny, think “Noddegamra” has edited that, but a nice cool image. I am impressed.

  5. This is real. I have that issue of Empire.

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