The Weird Boy

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The Weird Boy - A drawing by NoddegamraI feel a bit bad just calling him the “weird boy”, but I’m terrible at coming up with decent names for my doodles and blog posts. I really like to try and come up with something imaginative and different to “doodle number 3″, so maybe someone can help me come up with a few ideas for interesting naming conventions..?

This is now my second attempt at a doodle using my new method of scanning in a drawing and colouring it using photoshop. My first picture was just done on plain white paper with a pencil, but for this one I used canvas and went over the pencil with a pen. I think the natural grainy texture of the canvas really suits this image (although I imagine it could still be easily achieved with a photoshop filter).

It seems this experimentation has paid off as I’m quite pleased with the finished result. I think next time I will try and attempt something a little darker and more complicated using a similar style. In the meantime, please feel free to submit your own experiments in drawing and/or photoshop in the “Gallery” section of our forum.

PS. If you think you have an interesting name for this little character, please share your ideas in the comments section :)


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  1. Another style and another success in my opinion. You should definitely do a lot more mate :)

    p.s. Yeah I would love to see you do something a bit darker as well ;)

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