To wii or not to wii

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Is the Nintendo wii worth buying, or is it just a novelty item?

This is a question i asked myself over and over. I already had an Xbox 360, so would I really need a graphically (and overall performance) inferior product? In short, yes.

Since the early days of the NES, Nintendo have released an impressive selection of high-quality, and thoroughly enjoyable games to suit all ages. To this day I still remember how fun it was to play Super Mario Bros for the first time. Now roughly 15 years later it is still one of my favourite games of all time!

So what is all the fuss about?Nintendo Wii Console

I have Gears of War, Oblivion, Crackdown, and Rainbow Six: Las Vegas just to name a few. Each of these are great quality games with impressive visuals, storylines, level design, game size and more. So why would I want something like wii sports bowling with basic graphics and repetative gameplay?

Put simply, Nintendo ooze quality. Consistantly. Sure it’s fun to chainsaw a Locust in half and complete the game on insane difficulty, but it was nowhere near as rewarding as collecting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64, or Completing Zelda on the gameboy. Nintendo’s games have “heart”.

I like waving my arms about!

Yes well, there is much more to the wii than just a novel idea for controlling movement/actions. Nintendo has Mario (et al.), Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Brothers and Mario Party. This is something sorely lacking in each of the other currently popular consoles. I tried to fight it off, but it was of no use!

Benefits of the Nintendo wii

So here we go. I purchased a Nintendo wii and this is what is great about it:

1. Retro Gaming

Xbox live has some great games, but nothing can compare to a selection of my favourite NES, SNES, N64, and MEGA DRIVE games. Due to the errors of my youth I mistakenly sold quite a few of these, so it is amazing to be able to download them (cheaply) and re-live great gaming moments once more!

2. Gamecube..?

You can play Gamecube games! The console (eventhough very tiny) has 4 available gamecube controller ports and 2 memory card slots. Great for those who long for backward conpatability, or like me who missed out on that generation of Nintendo games and wish to play classics such as Zelda: Windwaker! Yes!

3. “Free Games” Included

Whether you see them as free or as included within the £180 price tag, wii sports is a great selection of tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing, and golf. The wii also contains a remote and nunchuck controller to be able to play all these (both needed for boxing) and helps you get to grips with what you can do with the wii.

4. Channels

The wii has “channels” which allow you to view weather forecasts, news, or even browse the internet. It supports flash and is extremely simple to use. You can even view this wonderful website! Haha.

5. Easy Pick-Up-And-Play

I really cannot emphasise enough how fun the Nintendo wii is to play. It is also really easy to use. So easy infact that my Great Aunt and Uncle had a go. Before I knew it, the whole family were huddled round enjoying an afternoon of gaming! No console has ever achieved this feat before!!!

Wii Zelda Screenshot

So it’s good then?

YES! It is.

If you already have a next-gen console, the wii should cater for all your party game needs. If not, and you are wondering whether or not the console has any games of lasting value, check out the new Zelda game. There is also a Paper Mario game coming out later in the year (for UK).

It really is a great console. The games have high replay value and become very addictive. With the exclusive Nintendo games and selection of retro classics this really is a “must buy”.


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  1. I competely agree with you the WII is the greatest game system. I bough tit for my kids and use it as much as they do. The system is so addictive, its like a drug but a good one because it gets the kids moving and doing something besides sitting in fron tof the tv.

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