Virgin Media: “Net Neutrality is a Load of Bollocks”

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Those of you who’ve been on the moon this past few months will have missed out on the debacle of a debate, “net neutrality” has become. Celebrated inventor of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee has been very vocal of late, calling for Internet Service Providers, (ISPs), to not implement a plan of speeding up the bandwidth of content providers with deep pockets, at the expense of smaller mom-and-pop websites.

Now the CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, has spoken out in favour of ditching net neutrality using the “more money for me please” business principle of selling your customers down the river.

“This net neutrality thing is a load of bollocks,” he said, in an interview to the Royal Television Society’s Television magazine, adding that Virgin is already in the process of doing deals to speed up the traffic of certain media providers.

To the layman, if ISPs start throttling the bandwidth of services that refuse to pay them premiums, (and it looks like they’ve already begun!), then you will experience a marked difference in quality. So-called “mainstream” Internet sites, (i.e. those who have lots of money), being fast to load, and those websites you probably visit more often, (including this one!), being so sluggish and crippled as to convince you not to bother.

This is capitalism at it’s finest, my friends; by artificially introducing problems in using the competition’s services, you cripple the competition! It’s a big threat to the Internet as we know it and we must do everything in our power to stop this rampant plague in its tracks!


13 Responses to “Virgin Media: “Net Neutrality is a Load of Bollocks””

  1. This is sickening. How can we stop it?

  2. Boycott services by ISPs that advocate it / content providers that go along with it.

    The only method of voting that works is with your feet. Forget petitions, big business only reacts to the dollar.

  3. Oh so now you choose to recognise this as a genuine problem. Well I dont care as long as people realise that the net is under threat.

  4. I’ve never heard you mention it to be honest IronBat. But then again, I tend to filter out all things that aren’t WoW related. lol :P

  5. Im mentioned it in the topic I started a while ago now:

  6. I actually wrote a long comment in reply but then I realised I agree with you.

    I’m on-board now, IronBat. Tell me what I can do.

    P.S. That topic probaby has too much Nazi in it.

  7. Hahahahaha, there’s not enough Nazi in it in my opinion. We need a few more members with trimmed moustaches!

    Anyway, IronBat, what can we do to sort out this net neutrality thingy mabobby then? I don’t want my WoW subscription going up! :(

  8. I guess we can do the following

    1. Do support freedom of information. Support the free software/GNU movement.

    2. Don’t support ISP’s/companies/governments who aren’t net neutral.

    3. Spread the word and let others know that the internet is under threat.

  9. Buy a t-shirt:

  10. So for number 2 (not supporting ISP’s), is that like not buying broadband service… in order to save the internet? what the..? huh?

  11. No. You shun companies that are funneling traffic and charging content providers to carry their content.

    Such as Virgin Media.

    Although they’re probably not the only ones, they’ve come out and said it now so they’re at least the most vocal about it.

  12. VirginMedia wont be Virgins for long because if their customers all leave they’re fucked!

    Wayne_Kerr sent me a video earlier talking about this and I did not think that it would be a problem over here so soon as this. After reading about them monitoring users downloads to stop illegal activity (downloading films/music) and banning customers from the Internet. SCUM



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