Webcomic 2

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Better late than never, eh? This is my second attempt at a webcomic!

Noddegamra Wizard Webcomic

The idea is a bit of an old one I had. Originally it was going to be a sketch for a series of entries me and Hudders preparing for channel 4. As you can probably tell I didn’t have my nifty graphics tablet this time, resulting in me having to go back to using the trusty old mouse to draw this. I hope you enjoyed it ;)


9 Responses to “Webcomic 2”

  1. The irony lies in the fact that some people actually think like this.

    Because of drugs.

    Don’t do them, kids. And stay in school.

  2. hahaha that is quality. Isn’t this how all minds of the new console generation work?

  3. Looking back, I should have used *poof* rather than *pop*. It makes more sense for a dispersed “think cloud”…

  4. ahhhh good good =D hehe
    keep it up mannn

  5. You mean the lollipop man isn’t really god/God/ a god/ a demi-god?

    My illusions/delusions are now shattered.


  6. Ps. It’s great :D

  7. I think you shoulda used ‘fnap’ instead of ‘pop’…

    *fnap fnap fnap*

  8. Fnap sounds more like masturbation.

  9. The cartoon character maybe needs help:) He should seek a doctor.

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