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Grave StoneMore bizarre news from the Internets today, (hey this could be a new regular feature…). This week it’s from Phnom Penh in Cambodia:

A Cambodian man, tired of his wife’s habit of waking him up by yanking his penis and testicles, finally had enough and wrung her neck, police said on Friday.

Deputy provincial police chief of north-eastern Kratie province, Chhoub Chenda, said In Thoeun, 38, fell asleep after drinking on May 20, and when his wife Touch Svet, 29, came to wake him up in her usual painful way, his temper apparently flared and he grabbed her by the neck, killing her instantly.

“She woke him up once this way, but he didn’t stay awake and instead fell asleep outside under a tree. She did it again and he lost his temper,” Chhoub Chenda said, “He is very remorseful. They have a child. But he could not bear to be woken up like that any more.”

Source: IOL

To be perfectly honest I reckon this should be written off as justifiable homicide! The poor guy must have been walking around every day in so much pain with his family jewels all sore and rubbed raw from this inhumane treatment every morning! Ladies, please. DON’T DO THIS. Or else maybe you’ll get your neck wrung too!

EDIT: I just realised that this story is as old as the hills. But whatever, the advice still stands!


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  1. You’ve posted this in ‘humour’, and there’s nothing funny about a man getting his knackers knackered, believe me – I know. If it was me, I’d kick her in the fanny

  2. lol while I dont condone muder I can understand why he snapped.

  3. I’d Cunt Punt her.

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